Brad - Costume Guide

As Seen in Rocky Horror Picture Show

man looks surprised and wears jacket and pants

Every so often, life takes you completely by surprise. There is no better in-over-your-head costume than Brad from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

  • To pull off Brad you essentially have to look as normal and boring as possible; the way to that of course lies in the dark blue V-neck sweater vest. Practice saying "Hi, my name is Brad Majors, and this is my fiancee, Janet Weiss."
  • Then you'll need slate gray pants, a black belt and brown loafers. Feel the boring, be the boring.
  • To top it all up you'll need a light blue button-up, black thick rimmed glasses and a tan zip-up jacket with an optional "Denton High School" patch. The patch lets everyone know you conform.
  • Whether you're served the remains of a partial brain donor for dinner, or being seduced by a transvestite you think is your wife, this outfit will serve you well!