Bob - Costume Guide

As Seen in Strange Brew

man wearing plaid shirt, jeans, jacket, stocking cap, and holding a beer bottle

Have people told you that you look like Rick Moranis? If so, you need not shrink any kids because you can play him as his best role: Bob from Strange Brew!

  • You need some common garb like a red plaid flannel shirt, a white undershirt and a pair of dark blue jeans. These can all be found at a thrift store, eh.
  • Then to deal with the weather you'll need a tan, fur lined jacket paired with tan snow boots.
  • To top it all off you'll need a green knit cap with a Canadian flag patch on the side of it. The patch can be found cheaply online by a few reputable online retailers.
  • The only hard part of pulling off this outfit is to become Canadian. Few have attempted the transformation and lived but if you succeed you'll be ready to tour the Elsinore Brewery and get free beer.