Axel Foley - Costume Guide

As Seen in Beverly Hills Cop

a man wears a zip up hoodie, jeans, and a t-shirt that says mumford phys ed dept on it

Axel Foley's style represents some of the more tasteful aspects of 80's fashion. I'd recommend this costume, as seen in Beverly Hills Cop, if you're looking for something fairly inconspicuous yet totally awesome.

  • The first and most important element is the Mumford Phys. Ed Dept shirt.
  • Also supremely important is the navy blue zip up hoodie. You should get one with a metal zipper; the cheaper it is the better. I got my Hanes hoodie from Target for 12 bucks!
  • Next, you'll need a vintage Casio watch. I got mine at a watch store in Quito, but you can likely find one on eBay and save yourself the six hour flight.
  • You'll also need a pair of jeans. I'm sure you've got a good pair of jeans somewhere...
  • And finally, you need a pair of old-school white Adidas.