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The Car Hood Slide: A Supercut

To make a clean getaway, a vehicle is a must, but sometimes you’re getting away so quick that your metal sidekick can be an obstacle you’ve got to frantically pass. Here we’ve assembled a visual history of the best car get-around move that all the cool kids and their grown-up counterparts are doing. Sliding your tookus across a vehicle’s front end like it’s your personal counter-top is the best way to give em the slip.

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Star Wars Day: T-Shirt Roundup

This December, Star Wars: Episode VII hits the theaters. Here at It Goes to 11, we’re damn excited! George Lucas did so much damage to the franchise over the last decade that it gave us pause to get stoked about this film. We’re quickly changing our tune however: the film trailers have blown everyone’s mind and this NSFW video of Kevin Smith describing what he saw on the Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens set has pretty much made us all here feel 14 years old again. It’s going to be epic. Let’s hope this film takes us back, back to when we were young and able to be blown away by the big screen.

There are some famous movie & TV weapons out there: the phaser from Star Trek, Indiana Jones’ whip, the pulse rifle from Aliens, Dirty Hairy’s .44 magnum, Ghostbusters proton packs. Yes, we can list probably 25 or 30 weapons from films that we hold dear. But did any other weapon inspire more than the Lightsaber? The sound is instantly recognizable and turned any kid with a stick into a Jedi master with a blazing sword.

Have you seen the Star Wars: Episode VII trailer #2? If you haven’t, the hell you waitin’ for? Go, check it out now. Once you have you’ll understand why, “Chewie… we’re home” makes us all misty-eyed. Probably the best sidekick you could have. Celebrate the Wookie with this t-shirt of the hairy companion.

Stephen Colbert tells a story of how he was a fan of Star Wars before anyone else. He was in the 8th grade and had just won a pair of advance screening tickets from a radio contest. Of course back in 1977, two weeks before the May 25 general release date, nobody had heard of Luke Skywalker or Princess Leia or Darth Vader. But Colbert had! He had seen the movie two weeks before anyone else. He goes on to describe how excited he felt, but none of his friends could relate to his experience… until two weeks later and the country was swept up in Star Wars mania! Inspired by an original movie poster, we hope our shirt will rekindle some of that childhood giddiness.

The Empire. A vicious collection of bad-asses that spans a Galaxy. They care only about advancing their goals for domination, supremacy, and for ruining your day if you were a Rebel. The symbolism behind the Imperial Crest makes for interesting reading. There are several permutations of the crest, changing when events warrant. For our shirt, we’ve chosen to go with the Empire-in-Exile design.

Are you into experimental combat spacecraft? Hell yeah you are! By the way, did you know that NASA has a whole list of sci-fi terms to use if you’re writing a book that’s based in outer space? Stuff like how to describe faster than light travel, and why it’s important to describe in appropriate detail damaged hulls? The TIE Advanced X1 (Bat) fighter is more than capable of creating damaged hulls against its enemies. See it in all its brutal effectiveness here.

The Internet Reacts to the 2nd Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

Whether you’ve been following the Star Wars saga since its beginnings in the 80s or were introduced to it somewhere along the way, you’re no doubt aware of the new trailer for the much-anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens, due in theaters this December.

Response to the second trailer has been widespread; we’ve gathered some of our favorite reaction articles and videos for your enjoyment.

Gizmodo UK has a detailed breakdown of all the rumors, leaks, and trailers to date; read at your own risk!

Babies are getting super pumped even though they may not fully understand what’s happening.

Entertainment Weekly deciphers hidden clues from the trailer.

What Culture talks about 7 fan theories about the new trailer that are probably too crazy to be true.

FirstShowing breaks down the trailer frame by frame.

Dork Side of the Force found the new trailer to be particularly GIFable and has structured its review accordingly.

SNL reaired its spoof of the first trailer with James Franco from late last year:

If Father Roderick is this excited about the new trailer, just wait until the full movie is released.

DadGifts.com Presents: The Best of the Worst Family Photo Contest


Do you have a positively awful family photo lying around, something that just makes you cringe or worse? Great! Our friends at DadGifts.com want to see it!

For one week, from April 21st to April 28th, you’re invited to submit your most horrible, crazy-bad family photos to the DadGifts team. For whoever is selected the best of the worst, there’s a great pile of prizes ready to be awarded, including a personalized plaque that commemorates your skills at terrible photography.
For full details including how to play and what’s included in the pile of prizes, head on over to DadGifts.com!

A Better Call Saul Episode 9 Recap: Pimentos & The Why

The latest Better Call Saul gave us a beautiful betrayal and an even better explanation for the whole reason for the show to exist. Mike Ehrmantrout gives us a nugget of wisdom and all but says the term “criminal lawyer” in explaining good criminals, and dirty cops. It all ties in nicely with Kim pleading Jimmy’s case for being hired by H.H.M. by her saying that he’s a “good lawyer.” (no accident that Jimmy will call himself Saul Good-man?)  But since those of you that know what Jimmy will become, we can only guess how he’ll get there and right now the biggest question is will Jimmy take the money. And so, we the “experts” will tell you how Better Call Saul season one will end!

Photo Credit: Ben Leuner/AMC

Photo Credit: Ben Leuner/AMC

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The Intrigue! The Suspense! The Drama! It’s Mystery Prize Week at FIC

In celebration of April Fools’ Day this week, we wanted to do something fun: Found Item Clothing is pleased to announce that this week is Mystery Prize Week!

When you place an order between March 30 and April 3, you’ll get a fun mystery prize along with your shirt! It’s totally free: no special code required. Hurry and get your order in: this is a limited-time only offer and something you definitely don’t want to miss out on!

Place your order today to receive your very own mystery prize!

Out of the Mail Room Into the Dumpster: Better Call Saul Episode 8 Recap

We finally get the break that’s going to blow this show wide open, there had to have been a reason for the elder law plot device aside from all the Matlock jokes made at Jimmy McGill’s expense. A class action lawsuit against an assisted living community fraudulently charging its charges. Who would have guessed?!  Indeed, this episode had Chuck getting back to his old self (despite himself) and Jimmy getting his first taste of what a high stakes legal battle looks like. But the episode ends with a cliffhanger that we’ll discuss in an epic fashion below. To find out our other predictions, gripes and hilarious recollections of what happened on Better Call Saul, read on!

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