New Shirts and Safe Spaces

Ever vigilant for new possibilities, we’ve recently added some fresh designs to our already large inventory of cult cinema and TV tees. In the same breath, there’s been a lot of talk in the media recently about creating “safe spaces” for virtually every aspect of American life. Why not wade into the national conversation by tying these new shirts in with that discussion. In no particular order here’s a few of our favorite dopest of the dope new scrubs.

Who Farted (Revenge of the Nerds)

Straight from 1984, Revenge of the Nerds has recently become the poster child of everything that was wrong with the ’80s. We’ve got sexual exploitation, we’ve got male dominated culture… basically we’ve got a movie full of misogyny. The real crux of all this introspection is the scene where Lewis cons Betty into sex by pretending to be Stan. Not cool! Disqualified! We’re by no means condoning anything that would normally result in someone getting convicted and sent to jail, but if you did you would probably have a better time in the joint with this totally sexy tee worn by man-beast Booger.

Hattori Hanzo (Kill Bill vol. 1)

Violence. Empowered women. Rape. Retribution. All of these words are lightning rods for the current Safe Space round table discussions, and who better to bring it to the table than the Bride. Portrayed by Uma Thurman, the Bride wreaks havoc against all those who tried to denigrate her with failed attempts to kill her and her unborn child. Her expert use of bladed weapons is elevated to god status when she acquires the finest sword ever made by the finest sword-smith that ever existed. His name is emblazoned on the front of this shirt: Hattori Hanzo.

Miami Vice (Miami Vice TV Show)

Shifting back to ’80s related pop culture that’s best viewed through rose colored glasses, Miami Vice has been criticized of portraying drugs and violence as glamorous. Well raise my rent; TV has been presenting illegal subculture and activities as something other than drudgery?! Holy crap, I had no idea – insert sarcasm tag here. A spokesperson from the National Association of Chiefs of Police (now there’s a mouthful) even went so far as to “clarify” that real vice cops don’t actually pursue bad guys while driving a Ferrari and wearing Armani suits. All that said, Miami Vice DID actually have a positive impact on fashion, some of which is still being felt today.

Alternate Miami Vice tshirt featuring Tubbs and Crocket: Miami Vice, Freeze!

Rambow (First Blood Part II aka Rambo 2)

First Blood Part II (aka Rambo 2) embodies senseless, gratuitous male-centered cinema, including Rambo escaping responsibility for a woman he made promises to but gets killed off (burying her in mud, of all things). Sounds about par for the Safe Space discourse! Whatever, all we know is that First Blood Part II is one of the most kick-ass movies ever produced. Rambo’s signature knife is present, but in this movie his bow steals the show. Using arrows that have exploding tips, Rambo’s one-man rampage across SE Asia is a sight to behold. Glorifying violence for its own sake, Rambo nonetheless brings out our inner Patriot culminating with his statement that he only wants his country to love its soldiers as much as its soldiers love it.

Reverend Tre’s Cult Film Revival: Fake Movie Trailers

dora fake movie trailer

I gotta say: I nerd out on movie trailers. There’s something about them. Back when Hulu was free and not so laser-focused on subscriptions, I would watch the trailers channel all the time. The trailers would just automatically queue and play… one right after the other. It almost didn’t matter the genre of movie, I was diggin’ it.

You see, trailers are part art and part marketing hype; really I think they’re mini movies in of themselves. They are relatively easy to make, but they’re even easier to get wrong. I think the trick is to balance enough footage to pique your interest but not reveal too much. The absolute worst trailers give the entire movie away, leaving little to the imagination and even going so far as to spoil crucial plot twists or surprises.

But what if the trailer was for a movie that didn’t exist?! There’s this burgeoning group of creative folks who are blazing new paths of cinematic joy with their latest passion: fake movie trailers. Some of these fakes might be an existing movie recut into an entirely different style, others might be outright originals. The concept might sound ridiculous at first, but let me show you a few of my favorites and see if I can’t drag some of you down with me.

No Country For Old Men Cartoon Trailer (Scooby Doo)

The Shining (as a romantic comedy)

HELL NO: The Sensible Horror Film

Dora the Explorer: The Movie

Not another Sundance Movie

The Hangover (recut into a thriller)

Scary Mary Poppins

Road Wars – The Imperator Strikes Back (Mad Max/Star Wars)

“George” (a Seinfeld tear jerker)

Insomnia: A Lighthearted Comedy (starring Al Pacino and Robin Williams)

Reverend Tre’s Cult Film Revival: Overlooked Horror Movies

Ever get a feeling of things aren’t what they seem? Not like paranoia and not lasting very long, but a flash of ‘it’s all wrong’ sort of thing; a strong sense of dread. I think it’s the best feeling to have while watching a horror movie. Dread is difficult to achieve, suspension of disbelief and all that. Sometimes you’re just not that sucked in or deep down you know you’re walking out when it’s over. I like feeling dread and I hope you do, too. In the spirit of new friendship I want to share five horror movies with you that are dreadful (good or bad!)… but for one reason or another have been overlooked by the crowds.

1. Event Horizon (1997)

Popular movie? Nope, it was a flop ticket-wise. Everyone felt the movie was more ‘scary’ than horror anyway, though when I saw it opening night I remember walking out feeling like I witnessed more than I should have. It was those cut scenes man, they made me feel off when it ended and the credits rolled. Turns out these images that Wes Craven put in (and flash by like subliminal messaging) absolutely twist this movie instantly from outer space possession scary movie and snap it into grotesque horror. See for yourself. (NSFW)

2. The Descent – Original Ending (2005)

Cut from the US-release check out the original ending we didn’t see in the theater. Much, much more brutal. You’ll know when it starts…

3. Harbinger Down (2015)

Harbinger is notable for its practical special effects, and the result is a modern-day ’80s horror flick that makes you feel like supper just ended and mom is passing around plates of cold vanilla ice cream scooped on top of a big slab of warm apple pie. Steam is rising from the pie/ice cream union and the smell is incredible. You’re next and as she places your plate in front of you your asshole brother twitches and hits your mom and she drops your plate and there’s no more.

4. Bedfellows (2008)

Probably the shortest horror movie ever, it’s only a couple minutes long.

5. Slither (2006)

Now would be perfect timing for Slither to be re-released, only now it’d open to more appreciative audiences. A film before its time if you will. Imagine hearing an ad that said, “…starring Nathan Fillion, Elizabeth Banks, comedy-horror…” I mean, the ad could be 7 seconds long and that’s all a lot of people would need to hear. Here’s the movie trailer, see if you feel the same way. Jenna Fisher reprises her Office role.

And if you stuck around after the credits you are treated to this scene:

Thanks for reading!

Easy Last Minute Costumes

Waiting for the very last second to find a costume for Halloween is a tradition for many of us. Don’t do today what you can do tomorrow is practically a mantra. But there comes a time when, against all odds, you must seek out a Halloween costume before it’s too late. After it’s too late is when you’re stuck being That Guy or Gal with a white Fruit of the Loom undershirt with Error: 404 Costume Not Found sharpied on the front. Don’t be That Guy or Gal. Check out these two ridiculously fast and easy “real” costumes.

For the ladies: Ariel Moore

A little bit country, a little bit rock… and a whole lotta sass! From the timeless cult movie Footloose this costume can be assembled with minimal fuss. Crucial is the Dance Your Ass Off tee. A pair of red boots (regardless of type but bonus points for cowgirl) tackles the feet. Stonewashed jeans and a matching jean jacket add to the realism, and a blonde wig completes the look.

For the gents: Goose

If you’re feeling the need, the need for speed… seek addiction treatment. But if you’d rather be riding fast and pushing up against the Danger Zone maybe Goose would be your costume inspiration this year. Starting with the Firebirds sweatshirt (tshirt is an option) is key. Source some surplus or fake dogtags and don some tropical board shorts. Flip flops and athletic tape around the wrists add comfort and style, and aviator-type sunglasses seal the deal. Don’t forget the volleyball and you’ll soon be playing with the boys.

Back to the Future Day

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.33.48 AM

Way back in 1985, Doc Brown and Marty McFly captured our hearts and minds. In Back to the Future II, we watched them time travel into the future, to October 21, 2015. We may not have flying cars and widely distributed hover boards, and thankfully we don’t dress the way we were predicted to, but the nationally dubbed “Back to the Future Day” 10/21/15 is upon us and here are a few ways you can celebrate in style.

Watch the Trilogy

Amazon Prime will be streaming all three Back to the Future movies during the month of October. Wear your white lab coat or a futuristic jacket, order a pizza from Pizza Hut, and have a movie marathon.

Cheer on the Cubs


In Back to the Future II, the Chicago Cubs win the World Series. It’s been awhile, and the odds of them coming this far have been stacked against them. But it’s almost as if they knew, and the Chicago Cubs are in the running for the World Series. At 8pm on Wednesday, October 21, the Cubs will face the Mets in a battle to decide who goes all the way. They’re even playing at Wrigley Field. The stars have all aligned and regardless of what team you usually root for, celebrate Back to the Future Day by rooting for the underdogs of Baseball!

Go Back in Time

On Back to the Future Day, Netflix will begin streaming the documentary “Back in Time“, a look at how large of a cultural impact these movies have had. Featuring interviews with the cast and crew, you can be a super fan and learn everything you’ve always wanted to know about the trilogy.

Sport some Merch


While you’re energetically participating in Back to the Future Day activities, make sure you’re dressed to impress with any one of our Back to the Future t-shirts!


It’s been a long time coming, but we finally made it to October 21, 2015. Happy Back to the Future Day!

Three easy Halloween costumes that show you’re here to party hearty!

Halloween is a big time of year for us at Found Item Clothing. To help you celebrate the spooky holiday in the best way possible, our diverse and creative do-it-yourself costume guide is a must-see. And inside that guide let’s take a closer look at a few of the costumes that are centered on a Halloween tradition: partying hard! We’re going to show how easy it can be to dress for that big party as Bluto (Animal House), the Dude (The Big Lebowski), and those Canadian bros Bob & Doug McKenzie (Strange Brew)!

Bluto Costume

While we don’t condone consuming excessive amounts of alcohol, you really can’t beat going as Bluto if heavy drinking is your thing on Halloween. Key to the costume is one of our College sweatshirts. With that bit of kit alone you transform in a wild man or woman! For the full effect you’ll also want a untucked plaid button-up shirt, baggy plaid shorts (blue-green colors for accuracy), a bottle of Jack Daniels, some running/tennis/skate shoes like Chuck Taylors (but any will do), and an afro wig.

The Dude Costume

Abide by the Dude with this very laid back, comfortable costume made famous by Jeff Bridges. Crucial to the look is one of our Kaoru Betto long sleeve shirts. A White Russian drink and a joint are next; recreational weed is legal in a few states so if you live in one of those enlightened promised lands you can probably use the real deal. Don a pair of loose blue pajama bottoms and then top it off with a brownish bath robe. If you need to, get a long haired wig and fake goatee. Wear sunglasses at night and walk around in flip flops and maybe you’ll be invited to crazy beach parties, too!

Bob & Doug Costume

Bob and Doug McKenzie like to drink beer
“Get me ‘nuther beer, eh?” Canada never had it as good as when Bob & Doug McKenzie were leading their charge to save the world from tainted Elsinore brews. For this costume idea round up a good buddy. Starting with Bob, you’ll need a red plaid flannel shirt, a white undershirt, and a pair of dark blue jeans, hoser. Source a tan jacket and wear with tan snow boots. The crowning piece is a green beanie with a Canadian flag patch. Wear the patch offset to one side.

Doug is similar to Bob, only with a blue color scheme. Get a blue plaid flannel, a white tshirt, and a pair of dark blue jeans. Over that wear a blue work jacket and tan snow boots. Dark blue/navy ear muffs with a knit cap complete the look.

Any of these great, inexpensive, and easy to assemble costumes will keep you comfortable while you’re living it up on the Halloween party circuit!