A Better Call Saul Episode 5 Recap: Jello for Us All

We’ve returned to bring you another Better Call Saul recap of the latest episode: Jello. Despite the title, we found that  it was an episode that you could sink your teeth into. And of course while there’s a lot of food for thought, we’ve assembled a recap of the episode complete with predictions for what Vince Gilligan and Bob Odenkirk have in store for us.


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New Shirts For Spring – FIC’s Newest Arrivals

While many of us are enduring the cold and the snow, spring can feel far, far away.

Be strong, t-shirt fans! Warmer weather will be here before you know it, and soon you’ll need some great new shirts to wear.

The Princess Bride

It’s inconceivable that The Princess Bride aficionados could find a better addition to their wardrobe than these great t-shirts. We have four new styles to choose from as you wish!

Star Wars

Fans of experimental combat spacecraft will particularly enjoy our Star Wars TIE Fighter shirt, while those faithful to the Galactic Empire are sure to love the Imperial Crest t-shirt.

Fight Club

Our new red Paper Street Soap Co. shirt is a bright yet subtle nod to Tyler Durden’s occupation in Fight Club. Own it today: in red and blue!

The Flash

Be a superhero in our new The Flash t-shirt! Runners and speedsters, this is the perfect shirt for you.

Be sure to keep up to date with our new arrivals on our New Shirts page!

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The Tainted Hero: A Better Call Saul Episode 4 Recap

This past episode “Hero” is probably the best episode of Better Call Saul by far. At the outset we get an opening as to the origin of main character’s namesake and a glimpse into his con-man past. We finally see a turn in his fortunes, but the plot thickens with a return to old habits. Here we’ll recap the awesome features of this episode and make highly probable guesses about what we’ll see in the next episodes.


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An Unforgettable Detention: The Breakfast Club Turns Thirty

Thirty years ago, the Breakfast Club premiered onscreen and became an instant classic that captured the hearts of a generation instantly. They only met once and their lives were changed forever. And sadly there isn’t likely to be another film that captures the angst of identity quite like the Breakfast Club with that same mass appeal.  It is the coming of age drama that all other coming of age dramas are compared.

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If It Pleases the Court: A Better Call Saul “Mijo” & “Nacho” Recap

Better Call Saul is off to a running start complete with scenes of pleading in the desert and the courtroom. In “Mijo”, we get a taste of Jimmy McGill’s on the spot advocacy skills in the court of the Hammurabi-esque Tuco and in “Nacho” we get to see Jimmy McGill be a pseudo detective like his life literally depends on it. Once again, we’ll recap what happened and make predictions about what we’ll see from the chief, cynical counselor.


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What’s in a Name? A Recap of Better Call Saul Episode 1

After Breaking Bad gracefully ended there was a New Mexico sized void left in all of our hearts. The end meant no more adventures with the frighteningly psychopathic Mr. White or foul mouthed Jesse Pinkman. The end meant moving on to The Walking Dead  and millions binge watching Breaking Bad on Netflix, at least until the arrival of Better Call Saul. Here we’ll recap the latest episode from the mind of Vince Gilligan, make totally accurate predictions about next week and closely examine the series. Brace yourselves!

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Tees That Pull Heartstrings: 20 Cheeky Valentines Day Shirts

Valentine’s Day is upon us once again! We hope you have your 50 Shades of Grey movie tickets purchased and restaurant reservations planned or on the contrary we hope you have a pint of ice cream and tissues handy for a more solitary romantic evening. Regardless of your plans, we’ve assembled 20 designs for you, your romantic partner(s? you dog!) and family to enjoy. We’ve scoured the Internet for these tees and hope you enjoy the romance they bring!

Source: Zazzle.com

Source: Zazzle.com

It wouldn’t be 2015 if we didn’t start off with a meme. Wow, such valentine indeed!

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