The Top Four Best & Worst Stephen King 80s Movies

Whenever a film is adapted from its original novel form, people can’t help but compare the two. Usually the refrain you hear is that the book is better than the movie, but often times the movie goes in a strange new place and makes the original writing literally come to life. With over 100 film and TV adaptations to his work, Stephen King is one such writer who’s seen his original work flourish and completely bomb when dropped into the moving pictures. We’ve assembled the best and worst Stephen King 80s movie adaptations for your reading and viewing pleasure.


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Looking Forward By Looking Back: The Films of 1985

Thirty years ago was the year 1985 and while it can’t match the overwhelming pop culture outbreak of 1984, it was still a great year for movies. Some of the films are utterly forgettable (but not their hair styles!) but others endure in relevance as classics and cult hits thirty years onward. Here we’ll look back at the movies that defined 1985.


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New Years Resolutions Shirts That We’re Sticking To

New Years resolutions are often the first sign of how a year is going to go. Things may look up but chances are if you’re still sticking with your New Years Resolutions at this point, you know it’s going to be a good year. To celebrate the time honored tradition of the New Years’ resolutions we’ve assembled the best New Years resolution Tees from around the web.

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Top Five College Football Moments In Film History

As we count down the time for kickoff of the National Championship game between the University of Oregon Ducks and Ohio State University Buckeyes, it’s important to remember that winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing. Though most of the country will not see their alma mater playing tonight, we’re bound to see some memorable plays unfold between the two best teams in the country. But if you can’t bear to watch a team that isn’t your own, we at Found Item Clothing bring you the best college football moments ever seen in the movies. Brace yourselves!

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The Best 80s Winter Fashions

We’re in the middle of winter and for most of the Northern hemisphere it is a very drab affair. It didn’t always used to be this way, in the 80s neon and bright colors were a staple of the fashion, especially in winter. Fashion in the 80s often added accoutrements that were there for their own sake. Do your shoes need fat laces? Are moon boots practical? Do you need to wear a coat that makes you look like the michelin man? Probably not, but then again does winter need to be a dreary affair with an absence of flair? We at Found Item Clothing say no. Here we’ll take a look at the 80s winter fashion trends are due for a triumphant return.

Neon Ski Wear


What is the point of going down a mountain if no one is watching? The first skiers to hit the slopes in brightly colored ski-wear were pioneers who blazed a neon trail to freshen up the stuffy sport of skiing. We should thank them for being such fashionable alpine visionaries.

Triple Fat Goose


Triple Fat Goose was a company that made huge puffy coats, filled with goose feathers (hence the name). The coats were sought after by many New York rappers, then coveted by their fans in turn. With climate change bringing about ever greater temperature extremes, isn’t it time that the Triple Fat Goose coats and the like come back for this century?

Slouch Socks


You can be forgiven for thinking that slouch socks are just socks that didn’t fit well. Slouch socks made a huge splash as everyone had to get a pair. After all cold ankles in the winter were a no-go. Their applications were endless. If you were in a dance class in the 80s you paired them with tights; if you had a pair of high-top sneakers, you bunched them around the top and if your lower legs felt chilly, you pulled them up hoping no one saw you.

Moon Boots


Moon boots took the 80s by storm! They were cute, they were warm and moreover, they were Italian. These strange, nylon contraptions could be found anywhere from ski lodges to subways and they had that flashy, 80s technicolor appeal that’s missing from today’s Ugg and desert boots.

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80s Holiday Party Lessons From Trading Places

Trading Places is a movie replete with lessons whether you’re on the up and up or down in the dumps. It also has one of the best Christmas party scenes in all of film, certain to entertain even the biggest scrooges among us. But before you head out to your respective New Years celebrations, remember the timeless party lessons from this 80s classic.


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The Definitive List of Christmas Cartoon Specials

Almost any successful animated TV show has made a “very special” Christmas episode from the days of Hanna-Barbera with Yogi Bear, Scooby Doo and the Flintstones to the present with Christmas episodes from Adventure Time. The Simpsons have made 13 different Christmas episodes over 25 years at this point. But how do we know which Christmas specials are truly outstanding and which ones are just a green and red gloss over a regular TV show. Well, we at Found Item have assembled the definitive, completely objective list of the best Christmas cartoon specials out there. Have a look!


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