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The FIC Costume Guide
You never know when you might need a good costume...

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as "drawn" from Pop Culture

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   Model is 5'7 and is wearing a size Small


Have you ever tried to wear twelve sweaters at one time? Seems a bit scratchy and unruly, yes? Well, your friends at Found Item are here to help. Developed originally as a series of nine sketches for our blog, It Goes to 11, late last year, we've refreshed our sweater initiative with three new entries and brought them onto torsos via soft, American Apparel t-shirts. A few of the individual sweaters are easily identified from film, tv, music and pop culture points beyond (hello Ferris!), but a couple will definitely test (nay, stump) your recall function (hint: answers can be glimpsed here).

Lovingly printed on crisp, white American Apparel tees, the 12 Famous Sweaters shirt features a whopping nine screens! Curated by Found Item Clothing; illustrated - with aplomb - by Allegra Westfall.

Embedded below: video of the 9-screen printing process!

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