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seen in Caddyshack

Price: $19.95


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   Model is 5'11 and is wearing a size Medium

"Hey Mr. Webb, can I ask you something?"
"Sure thing. Shoot Timmy."
"It's Danny"
"Do you take drugs Danny?"
"Good. So what's the problem?"
"I gotta go to college."
"Oh Danny, this isn't Russia...Is this Russia? This isn't Russia. Is it?"

Inspired by Caddyshack, we proudly bring you the Bushwood Country Club t-shirt. On and off the golf course, the Bushwood Country Club tee is a fine item for summer wear, and fall, winter and spring for that matter. The Bushwood Country Club shirt is printed on red 100% ring-spun cotton t-shirts.

Customer Reviews


Best Golf Shirt Ever!
Mark, May 2011
"I wear this shirt every time I hit the range or go disc golfing with friends. This shirt has spent many hours outside and if I have any complaint, it's that I can't get it to fade like Danny's is in the movie, maybe I just need to lay on my porch over a weekend. =P Outside of that, and like all the shirts you get here, it's awesome quality and really comfortable."

You're All Going To Get Laid
Greg E, March 2012
"The last time I wore my Caddyshack T-Shirt I got laid, cementing Rodney Dangerfield's place in history as a great prophet and Found Item Clothing as my couture of choice. Thanks Found Item!"

(Editor's note: your results may vary!)

Fantastic Shirt!
Sam, April 2012
"This shirt is awesome! I love Caddyshack, and this shirt was recreated beautifully. This is the second time I've bought this shirt, as the one I owned before was tragically lost during a day of revelry. I only have good memories of wearing this shirt, and periodically I get knowing smiles and nods from people who like Caddyshack too."

True To The Original
James, April 2013
"I have four of your shirts, Bushwood CC, High On Stress, What Are You Looking At Dicknose, and Surf Nicaragua. They're all true to the original designs, great stuff! I also appreciate your super fast shipping."

So what?! So let's dance!
Fletcher, June 2014
"Now I can pretend to have the cool summer job I never had. Yes!!!"