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Dance Contest Winner Shirt

seen in There's Something About Mary

Dance Contest Winner Shirt
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Model is 5'10 and is wearing a size Medium

Do the hustle. Cut a rug. Twisting. Walk like an Egyptian. The Truffle Shuffle. MJ's Moonwalk. Et al.

History is littered with t-shirts, both graceful and clumsy, but dance moves... they are forever. As such, we say hello then to the newest addition to the Found Item catalog, the Dance Contest Winner tee, which is glimpsed, however fleetingly, on repeat occasions in 1998's Something About Mary (as worn by Magda's would-be sailor boy toy).

No matter your music, and no matter your style, this bumpin' design will help you keep the beat as you gyrate on, around and over the dancefloor. The pithy little slogan, both a warning, a boast (so you think you can dance, eh?) and a self-embellished sight gag, will advise everyone nearby to back the @#%! up - a professional is at work and wallflowers need not meddle.

Model is 5'10 and is wearing a size Medium


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