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Dazed and Confused

"You cool man?"

To piece the Slater outfit together, start with our Pot Leaf tee. Don't let the opportunity puff, puff, pass you by.

On a related note, don't forget to roll a joint for the party at the Moon Tower. As you might imagine, we can't help you with that...

Add olive drab slacks to the mix. Goodwill is always a good bet for this sort of thing.

You'll also want Slater's trademark scally cap. Think plaid and brown, with hints of navy and orange.

For the folicle challenged, we suggest a wig, which isn't a perfect match color-wise, but comes close in both shape and length.

Finish this outfit with a pair of navy blue Chuck Taylors.

Looking for a group costume? Find a friend to play Darla Marks, the film's power tripping tyrant. A I R R A I D, B I T C H E S ! ! !