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The FIC Costume Guide
You never know when you might need a good costume...

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Please note: Domestic orders placed by 11:59 (Pacific Standard Time) on Friday, October 25th are guaranteed to arrive on or before Halloween.

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What About Bob?

Are you the type that needs daily affirmation (and won't take no for an answer)? By popular demand, then, we are pleased to welcome the Bob Wiley costume - equal parts OCD and nervous, manic energy - to our humble Halloween project.

Our turquoise Don't Hassle Me I'm Local shirt is the opening gambit.

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Pair it with an orange life jacket, which you'll need for the sail boat. We got ours at Amazon for about $12, but most local sporting goods stores also stock them.

To achieve Bob's scruffy and disheveled look, we accessoried with this wig that was trimmed back to match Bill Murray's receding hairline.

Likewise, you'll also need a stand-in for his trusted pet, Gil. We found a glass jar in our kitchen and wrapped rope around the lid. The plastic goldfish came, rather cheaply, from a party supply store.

Finish the outfit with beige or olive green-ish cut-offs and clunky old man shoes.

Click here to find a Goodwill store.

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