Indiana Bird Shirt

Indiana Bird Shirt

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The Indiana Bird design represents a detour of sorts from our standard seen-on-screen modus operandi. Spotted courtside at the historic Boston Garden (1928-1997) in a montage of Larry Legend highlights, the clever sloganeering prompted the usual question here at Found Item Clothing: if not us, then who?

Dating the original with total accuracy is impossible, but the movie pun, an obvious nod to the second Indiana Jones franchise, suggests something between '83 and '84, when the Birdman was at the peak of his powers and the Celtics were taking flight as a dynasty reborn. And much like Dr. Jones, Bird, the self-proclaimed "hick from French Lick" was cool under pressure and downright lethal when the outcome was on the line.

As with all of our projects, we've patiently reworked the bubble font and kerning to lend this design a vintage, homemade feel (which it likely was). Track forward to the 2:40 mark for a passing glimpse of the source material:

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