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Kick Off Summer With New Top Gun Shirts!

Feeling the need for speed? You’ve come to the right place. This Memorial Day, FIC is pleased to present some of the new additions to our Top Gun t-shirt collection (and an old favorite). Don’t lose that lovin’ feeling: check them out now!

Goose Is My Wingman

If you’ve got the best wingman in Top Gun by your side, you’re going to want to brag about it. The Goose Is My Wingman shirt lets everyone in the room know who has your back.

8-Bit Top Gun Logo

Take your love of Top Gun totally old school in this awesome 8 Bit Top Gun shirt! You’re sure to take everyone’s breath away when you walk into the room.

Nas Miramar Volleyball

When you’re playing a game of beach volleyball, it’s important to look the part. Get a stylish arm up on your competition with this Nas Miramar Volleyball shirt.


If a short-sleeved sweatshirt’s more your style, our Firebirds sweatshirt is just like the one Goose wears on the volleyball court— just cut the arms off! It’s one of our tried-and-true favorites, and it’s also available as a t-shirt.

Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies Of The ’80s

If there’s one thing the eighties will be remembered for, it’s fun. As it turned out, all those wacky styles, creativity and raunchy attitude ultimately unchained plenty of timeless classics. Whether we are talking about movies, music or fashion, the ’80s brought some serious stuff to the table, and right now we will be focusing on the film industry.

With such blockbusters as the Indiana Jones series, E.T. or Ghostbusters, the decade has cemented itself as one of the most fruitful and prolific years in the history of the seventh art.  So to give you an input of what the ’80s movies were all about, we decided to go with some cold, hard facts and figures and bring you the list of 10 highest grossing movies of the ’80s based on domestic box office earnings. Check it out below.

10. Top Gun – $176.8 million

The story of pilot Pete “Maverick” Mitchel gets to kick off our Top 10 with a hefty sum of over $175 million grossed. Cool airplanes, a love story, dramatic death of a friend, the ultimate victory and survival, this film has it all, so it’s no wonder that even today you might see or even know someone who wears a Top Gun t-shirt just like it’s still 1986.

Apart from legendary Tom Cruise in the main role, the movie also features Kelly McGillis, Val Kilmer and Meg Ryan as some of the starring actors.

Top Gun Movie
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Tom Cruise Then Now

80’s Actors: Then and Now

A lot of people find it strange that the 80’s actually happened over three decades ago, which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise seeing that the style is still present, even among the youth. Granted, it’s a retro style, but the 80’s spirit is alive and well nevertheless.

A lot of the 80’s stars are still famous to this very day, others saw their fame fading and fans wondering just where exactly they have gone. So it’s time for a now-and-then gallery, buckle up and take a trip with the 80’s movie stars.

Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer Then Now

Whether you know him as the cute kid from Real Genius, Jim Morrison or Batman, Val Kilmer has surely seen better days as far as his shape goes. But nevertheless, the Iceman from Top Gun is still ranked among the hottest 80’s stars.

Dan Aykroyd

Dan Aykroyd Then Now

The Ghostbusters star and one of the iconic Blues Brothers, Dan Aykroyd, hasn’t changed too much since the 80’s and is still easily recognizable. Apart from a few extra pounds, he’s still that same funny guy.

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