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Why The 80s Were A Great Time For Science Fiction

When it comes to science fiction, there are very few things that seem to be outside the realm of possibility. While 80s sci-fi movies weren’t the first to draw on concepts like aliens, robots & the supernatural, they were some of the most iconic and took the form to a whole new level. While there will be remakes with evermore stunning visual displays, no one can deny that the 1980s were a magical time for people that couldn’t get enough science fiction. If you wan’t proof, just look at these five examples:


The Terminator

"Don't mind me, just a guy with a gun..."

“Don’t mind me, just a guy with a gun…”

Back in 1984 there was a little movie that wasn’t expected to even make its budget back, much less be a hit. Once Terminator was released, though, all bets were off and even today people love watching this dystopian tale over and over again.

Everyone would love to have a robotic butler, someone to make their coffee, etc, but what happens when they go too far? That fear is something that a lot of people have had to deal with in fiction situations, but that doesn’t mean the real world might one day need a robotic killer from the future to come back in time and stop the coming apocalypse.




Science fiction hadn’t changed too much in the years before the 1982 release of ET. Steven Spielberg had already brought up Close Encounters of The Third Kind, but ET was something different. Aliens had always been something that would inevitably invade, conquer the human people, and become their new leaders.

What was different here was that people had never really thought about having an alien as a friend. Much like many other movies from the 1980s, it also relied on adults not understanding. No one could grasp the concept of young Elliot being not only in the presence of an extra terrestrial life form, much less become friends with one and take care of them.



The True Funky Bunch

The True Funky Bunch

It’s hard to think about science fiction from the 80s and not bring up Ghostbusters. The combination of Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, Dan Akroyd, Rick Moranis, and Sigourney Weaver represents everything that people love about that time period.

Whether or not the third movie will ever come out remains to be seen, but the fact remains that Ghostbusters stands out as something that has stood the test of time, continues to make people laugh, and represents everything that a kid growing up in that time period wanted to do.



Official "What was that sound?!" Movie of the Century

Official “What was that sound?!” Movie of the Century

Alien was one of the scariest movie for kids of the time, but the sequel did something that not many studios can accomplish even today: make a sequel better than the original.

James Cameron has been a great director for quite some time, but he is has a knack for bringing big budget sci fi sequels to the world. Not only did it make a lot of money, it was one of the first movies to have absolutely terrifying special effects that scarred an entire generation.



"You have 15 seconds to comply."

“You have 15 seconds to comply.”

Robocop got its own remake this year, but the original is a testament to the things that people were thinking about in the 1980s. Dystopian futures that resembled f New York City at the time were in a large number of movies, but Robocop was about someone finally doing something about the crime problem that people were starting to deal with in cities like Detroit, Chicago, & Washington D.C. along with a host of questions about morality, urban decay & human nature.


Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies Of The ’80s

If there’s one thing the eighties will be remembered for, it’s fun. As it turned out, all those wacky styles, creativity and raunchy attitude ultimately unchained plenty of timeless classics. Whether we are talking about movies, music or fashion, the ’80s brought some serious stuff to the table, and right now we will be focusing on the film industry.

With such blockbusters as the Indiana Jones series, E.T. or Ghostbusters, the decade has cemented itself as one of the most fruitful and prolific years in the history of the seventh art.  So to give you an input of what the ’80s movies were all about, we decided to go with some cold, hard facts and figures and bring you the list of 10 highest grossing movies of the ’80s based on domestic box office earnings. Check it out below.

10. Top Gun – $176.8 million

The story of pilot Pete “Maverick” Mitchel gets to kick off our Top 10 with a hefty sum of over $175 million grossed. Cool airplanes, a love story, dramatic death of a friend, the ultimate victory and survival, this film has it all, so it’s no wonder that even today you might see or even know someone who wears a Top Gun t-shirt just like it’s still 1986.

Apart from legendary Tom Cruise in the main role, the movie also features Kelly McGillis, Val Kilmer and Meg Ryan as some of the starring actors.

Top Gun Movie
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Tom Cruise Then Now

80’s Actors: Then and Now

A lot of people find it strange that the 80’s actually happened over three decades ago, which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise seeing that the style is still present, even among the youth. Granted, it’s a retro style, but the 80’s spirit is alive and well nevertheless.

A lot of the 80’s stars are still famous to this very day, others saw their fame fading and fans wondering just where exactly they have gone. So it’s time for a now-and-then gallery, buckle up and take a trip with the 80’s movie stars.

Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer Then Now

Whether you know him as the cute kid from Real Genius, Jim Morrison or Batman, Val Kilmer has surely seen better days as far as his shape goes. But nevertheless, the Iceman from Top Gun is still ranked among the hottest 80’s stars.

Dan Aykroyd

Dan Aykroyd Then Now

The Ghostbusters star and one of the iconic Blues Brothers, Dan Aykroyd, hasn’t changed too much since the 80’s and is still easily recognizable. Apart from a few extra pounds, he’s still that same funny guy.

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The Mean Jeans Put On Their Halloween Pants, Do The Monster Mash (Video)

Noted party animals and ’80 enthusiasts, the Mean Jeans, rumble through the pop culture canon with an amazacular ode to Indiana Jones… and Sparks, the alcoholic energy bevy of choice for Portland’s creative underclass.

Shot at Fright Town, a local haunted house, the video comes packed with a gaggle of movie references and juvenile in-jokes, punctuated all by a ghoulish dance party (writer’s note: the girl with bloody eye sockets has cute moves). How many can you spot in the video for their new single, “Possessed 2 Party With U (Ragers of the Lost Sparks)”? Weigh in below…

It should be noted that the clip above was directed by Brett Roberts, whom attentive readers might recall co-edited our supercut of iconic movie sunglasses earlier in the year.

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Aim For The Flattop

New at Shirtoid this week: a clever Ghostbusters tee that spins the film’s signature visuals — the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man, proton packs, Slimer, the cherry red circle slash – through a throwback, Looney Tunes-like filter. Here’s hoping that GB III remains stuck in development hell…

Designed by Biticol.

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Where did you go Rick Moranis?

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Crossing Streams (& Dreams): Ghostbusters Vs. Inception

The Mind Heist meme — assorted trailers recut with Inception‘s sweeping, atonal score — has been thoroughly worked over at this point, but the following edit, which surfaced on the web earlier in the week, might represent the genre’s flagship creation. Behold:

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