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Res Firma Shirt

Res Firma Shirt

As Seen in American Flyers

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We've had success peddling (eh?) bicycle-themed tees in the past (Cutters), so this next design was something of a no-brainer when a friendly tipster brought it to our attention (thanks Jesse!).

As fans of 1985's American Flyers will recall, this great slogan tee makes repeated appearances throughout the film, punctuated by a climactic training sequence during which the empowering motto is explained for the characters, and by extension, the audience as well. As Dr. Amos, the film's caring father figure, so eloquently notes, there are two translations in use. One is more formal - "A firm resolve is not easily broken" - while the other is somewhat, shall we say, more bastardized: "Once you get it up, keep it up."

The Res Firma shirt is printed on heather and navy ringer t-shirts.

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