Green Skeleton Shirt

Green Skeleton Shirt

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"This is my exact inner structure done in a t-shirt.
Exactly medically accurate."
"So in other words if we were to take all your flesh and blood and and take them off, this is what you'd see...It wouldn't be green though..."
"It IS green. See how your blood looks blue."

Inspired by This is Spinal Tap, we have created the Green Skeleton shirt as worn by Nigel Tufnel. Through our advanced design processes, we have brought you a t-shirt that captures Nigel's inner structure with precise medical accuracy. We've captured not only the front but also the back of this most amazing shirt.

Normally, we try to match the shirt type exactly, but we thought we'd rather sell the shirt with the option of sleeves. That way you can adjust the level of sleevelessness to your own personal specifications. The Green skeleton shirt is printed on the front and back of black 100% ring-spun cotton t-shirts.

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