The Lunch Bunch

The Lunch Bunch

Twenty Five Years after "The Breakfast Club," five people find themselves together again. Did that morning in detention really change their lives?

The Lunch Brunch

As fans of classic 80’s films, we here at Found Item Clothing were excited to find out about a new play written for the Minnesota Fringe Festival called The Lunch Bunch, an imagining of what happens when the kids from The Breakfast Club meet up again twenty-five years later.

The Lunch Brunch - Playing August 1st through 11th at Theater in the Round, Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Lunch Brunch is an original play created by Tim Wick and Jami Newstrom, featuring the talents of Matt Allex, Angela Fox, Marissa Alexa Lennex-McCool, Dawn Krosnowski, and Samuel Poppen.

I contacted Tim Wick, playwright and Artistic Director of Fearless Comedy, to ask him about the play. He said: “It’s been twenty five years since five people spent a Saturday in detention. They all believed it would change their lives. But did it?

"The question I asked myself was 'Where do the characters go from that one day? Do the relationships stay the same? If they end, why do they end? Which characters actually learned something and which continue to go in the same direction?'

"Claire and Bender are dating. How does that work out? I think the key is in how the relationship began.

"Alison and Andrew are dating. But their relationship is based on lies they are each telling themselves. When those lies are revealed, can their relationship survive?

"And Brian isn't anywhere different. He's still focused on success. Maybe he's more capable of handling failure but that doesn't mean he's not going to fail and the question is, can he learn from that?”

If you’re in the Minneapolis area you might want to consider going to the show--and if you do, tell us all about it!

The Minnesota Fringe Festival is a performing arts festival held every summer in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, usually during the first two weeks in August. The eleven-day event, which features performing artists of many genres and disciplines, is one of many Fringe Festivals in North America.

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