Tee Roundup: High-Tech T-Shirts

High Tech

If there’s one thing to freshen up a stale tee, it’s a healthy dose of geeky creativity. So join us for a brief, yet sweet rundown of some of the finest futuristic high-tech t-shirts the web has to offer.

Guitar T-Shirt

Guitar Shirt

Wanna jam whenever you feel like it? A guitar tee for you then!

Wi-Fi Detector T-Shirt

Wi-Fi Detector
Looking for wi-fi to latch onto? Just check your tee!

Bulletproof T-Shirt

Bullet proof
Need protection? It’s a legit vest.

Cardio T-Shirt

Cardio Tee
If you’re not sure whether you’re working out hard enough, get yourself a cardio tee!

Equalizer T-Shirt

EQ Shirt
Finally, let us kick out the jams! The ultimate party tee is waiting for you!

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