Holiday Gifts for the 80s Movie Lover

Do you know someone who’s stuck in the 80s? Our philosophy here at Found Item Clothing is: don’t fight it…embrace it. We love all things 80s, especially the finest (and not-so-fine) feature films the decade churned out. Basically, if it was on a screen in the 1980s, we’re here for it!

From the blockbusters, to the cult classics, we’ve rounded up some of our top-shelf tees that will bring a smile to the 1980s cinephile. This year, give the sweet, sweet gift of 80s nostalgia. 


For those who are trying really hard to get back to the 80s, give the gift of this Flux Capacitor Sketch Shirt, based on the time-travel device created by Doc in Back to the Future. It might help them streamline their time travel machines (DeLorean or otherwise). 



Who could forget wildly charismatic high school senior Ferris Bueller and his legendary Day Off? If you have a Cameron in your life who needs to “live a little”….this Caduceus T-Shirt might do just the trick. 



If there’s a nerd in your life who really, really, REALLY wants revenge, here’s the perfect holiday gift! This is the perfect replica of the High on Stress Shirt worn by Booger in Revenge of the Nerds


Now here’s a thoughtful gift for someone who’s trying to save their town from a monster invasion. This is the exact replica of the Stephen King Rules T-Shirt seen in The Monster Squad.


If you know a wise-cracking Detroit cop who goes on reckless sting operations in Beverly Hills… know this is the gift for them.  Other people like it too!  Channel major Eddie Murphy vibes with this Mumford Phys. Ed. Dept. Shirt, as seen in Beverly Hills Cop

Cheers and happy shopping! 

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