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Seniors 77 Shirt

Seniors 77 Shirt
Seniors 77 Shirt Front Seniors 77 Shirt Back
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Seniors 77 Shirt Front Seniors 77 Shirt Back
From 1993's now classic Dazed and Confused, Found Item Clothing presents an exclusive reproduction of the Seniors '77 t-shirt. Fans of the film - which aimlessly chronicles the last day of school for a motley crew of friends in a small football-obsessed Texas town - will recall that this top, worn during the film by Parker Posey (in top form here as THE bossy, clique-y alpha bitch), made an early appearance during a hazing sequence. "Alright, you little freshman bitches, AIR RAID!"

As with all of our projects, we've neatly reproduced the font, the royal blue lettering, the football-styled garment with the crossing shoulder stitch (which unfortunately does not show up well in these pics), and most crucially, the 77 on the back, which lends this tee a dated, throwback quality. On top of that, we've even had this shirt treated with a special glit coat to capture that vintage, iron-on sheen. Do I need to add that this is strictly for the ladies?

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