World’s Most Expensive Jersey Sold For Over $1.25 Million

Not exactly your typical t shirt, but an iconic piece of history nevertheless, the jersey Canadian hockey legend Paul Henderson wore while scoring the winning goal against the Soviet Union in 1972 was recently sold for a whopping sum of over $1.25 million.

Most Expensive T-Shirt

Officially confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most expensive hockey jersey ever sold at an auction, the worldwide famous No. 19 went into the hands of a Toronto-based real-estate magnate Mitchell Goldhar in June 2010.

So what makes this one so special? Well, what happened back then was something way bigger than a simple game of hockey. As we said, the year was 1972, the world was in the midst of a cold war, basically turning sport into a battle between the east and the west, Communism and Democracy, some would even say the free world and the one behind Iron Curtain.

Most Expensive Jersey

You’re getting a bit clearer picture? Good. Now, the eight-game series was as tight as it could be, so when Mr. Henderson slammed the sizzling  winning goal in the last minute (34 seconds left to be precise) of the final game everyone knew that something big just went down, putting the entire country in a state of massive euphoria. Interestingly enough, the goal became known as simply “The Goal,” which goes to show its importance among the Canadians.


Now that you know the whole story, the price may seem like a bit more realistic one, right? So next time you set out to buy a new t-shirt, you might want to think through what you are getting, as you’ll never know how much it will be worth some day.

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