Fuck the Draft T-Shirt

FASHION POLICE: T-Shirts That Ran Afoul Of US Law

As you probably already knew, t-shirts are more than just a piece of cotton apparel; they define our style, life choices and opinions. And such opinions can sometimes get in you in trouble with the law, especially if you have them printed at the front side of your t-shirt. So right now we’ll bring you a few t-shirts that had their run-ins with the law.

And as usual, it’s not just a plain “Bullshit t-shirt” that will get you into trouble, there has to be an underlying message to it, as you can see in the few of the given examples.

F–k the Draft

If you disrespect the law in its own house, you’re bound to get up to your neck in trouble, which is basically what happened to a 19-year-old Paul Robert Cohen who wore a t-shirt with the words “F—k the Draft” inside the Los Angeles Courthouse. He got convicted of “maliciously and willfully disturbing the peace or quiet of any neighborhood or person by offensive conduct.

Fuck the Draft T-Shirt

Give Peace a Chance

Believe it or not, the global peace slogan and a major hit from late John Lennon, “Give Peace a Chance,” once got a man in a bit of a trouble. Sometime at the beginning of the Iraq War in 2003, the tensions were high, so although the guy didn’t go through too much hassle, he was forced to leave a shopping mall just for wearing the t-shirt with the mentioned slogan.

Peace T-Shirt

George W. Bush: International Terrorist

If you wear a t-shirt that says “George W. Bush: International Terrorist,” you are supporting terrorism. That’s basically what a high-school junior Bretton Barber from Dearborn, Michigan, was told when he was specifically asked to remove his t-shirt. However, the student responded with a lawsuit of his own and even won the case, resulting in the school getting a direct court order to allow him to wear it.

Bush Terrorist T-Shirt

Obama, a Terrorist’s Best Friend

Similar to the Bush case, the t-shirt relating President Obama to terrorism with a front slogan saying “Obama, a Terrorist’s Best Friend” got Dalton Draxx an instant three-day suspension from Aurora Frontier K-8 School back in 2008. Superintendent cited that “any type of attire which attracts undue attention to the wearer, and thus causes disturbance to the educational process, is in bad taste and not acceptable.

Obama Terrorist T-Shirt