Repo Man Inspired “Beer” Can Cooler!

“Want some help with that beer, kid?”

As most of you are no doubt aware, Found Item Clothing is all about the movie tees. When inspiration strikes, though, we stray from our standard operating procedure to bring you new and exciting products. In years past, this wildcard category has included hats, embroided patches, sweatshirts, and the like, all inspired to some degree, by props seen on the big screen. Add to that list yet one more wickedly awesome movie-themed product: behold, the mighty “Beer” Can Cooler.

Though I don’t have the time or the space to author a complete history of the humble koozie (as some like to call it), this informative Wikipedia entry reveals that it was created as a promotional tool for the advertising industry. With a proliferation of new designs, sizes and materials, can coolers (also known informally as coozies or huggers) have enjoyed a renaissance of late, emerging as a must-have accoutrement for the leisure class at both ends of the economic spectrum.

Film buffs will no doubt recognize our reassuring white-and-baby blue design aesthetic as an homage to 1984’s punk-thrash cult-classic, Repo Man. This simple, generic and minimalist form of branding was applied to a wide assortment of household staples and seated in retail environments throughout the movie.

Despite its seemingly low-rent pedigree and ambitions, Repo Man garnered a devoted fandom as a witty and thought-provoking film that explored, among other issues of the day, the nature of fate, alienation, coincidence, skepticism, alien life, narcotics, religious devotion and the mass-media.

As the story unfolds, these frequent (anti-)product placements coalesce into a pointed indictment of society’s rampant and mindless consumerism. Do you own stuff or does it own you? It’s a complex question the film returns to repeatedly, and I don’t think it’s insignificant that much of the action (so to speak) occurs at liquor stores, food marts and gas stations, as various parties bushwhack one another — ultimately, possession is a fleeting, ephemeral sensation. (That we’ve used said style to make new product is not lost on us here at FIC. Oh the irony…)

Deconstructionist musings aside, here’s why you want the “Beer” Can Cooler. First, it is made from really soft neoprene and the design is printed on both sides (totally bitchin’, I know…). Much like a football helmet needs a face mask or a broken arm requires a cast, your beverage of choice will stay frosty longer with a protective sleeve. Think of the “Beer” Can Cooler as a t-shirt for your bottle (err, can), making this little guy the perfect accessory for summertime fun. It’s ideal for lounging poolside, BBQing in the backyard or just shooting the breeze with friends on the front porch. Functional, stylish and meta, its chief cool factor is literally derived from the fact that it keeps your beverage beer cooler (or just less warm).

In any case, the “Beer” Can Cooler costs a meager $4.95. Pick up one (or three five) and you’ll be the envy of cult cinema buffs everywhere. To paraphrase the source material one last time: “It’s 4 AM. Do you know where you Beer is?”

And for your viewing pleasure, one of the best clips from Repo Man. Enjoy!

Get yours here: the “Beer” Can Cooler.

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