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Hey friends.

It’s a slow news cycle here at It Goes to 11, so I thought I’d share some recent FIC-related links with you.

First off, Micah at Tee,MS, a relatively new t-shirt blog, has kind words for our totally bitchin’ Gorillas top. We’re impressed with the presentation and the content at this site and we urge all of the tee-heads out there to give it a look-see. Here’s to its future and sustained success…

Next up, Coty Gonzales reviewed our Caduceus shirt in his excellent video blog, which to the best of my knowledge is a FIC first. Click over to his site or watch it below…

Finally, Coty interviewed yours truly via e-mail last month. Topics of discussion included, as you might have surmised, t-shirts, the production process, the Found Item way and the origins of our company. The full text of this informative discussion can be found here. Thanks again, Coty!

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One thought on “Recent FIC Links & Reviews

  1. Micah

    Hey, thanks for the reciprocity, guys! I’m a big fan of FIC. And after reading that interview with Coty, I’m determined to submit some customer requests in the future. Keep up the amazing work!

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