More 80’s Full Length Classics on Youtube


We’re back with another round of full length 80’s movies you can watch free on Youtube! This time we’re including 5 movies, including the comedy/horror House and time-travel titillator The Final Countdown (not the song).

Heathers (1988)

The eponymous film that, when released in ’88, inspired our high school to use the phrase, “Greetings and salutations.” for like ever.

Evil Dead 2 (1987)

The 2nd installment of the Evil Dead series, book-ended by The Evil Dead and Army of Darkness. This is the one where Ash gets his chainsaw hand.

House (1986)

Almost criminally under-rated, this comedy/horror features great practical effects.

The Shaolin Temple (1982)

Appearing for the first time as Jet Li, Li Lianjie shows us how to kick ass and take names in this quintessential Hong Kong-Chinese martial arts thriller.

The Final Countdown (1980)

WWII Japanese are pwned by the time-traveling USN Nimitz aircraft carrier.

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Teen Lust, Knife Thrusts, and Doobie Puffs: 80’s Summer Camp Movie Guide

Nothing brings back more fond memories than Summer Camp! Tug-of-war, sneaking over to the girl’s camp after dark, and – of course – running for your life while being hunted down by a homicidal maniac.

Ah, yes! Those were the days. When short-shorts, mullets and denim ruled. For many of us it was hard to let go, and we know that pain.  That’s why we took the time to create the ultimate 80’s Summer Camp Movie Guide.   Enjoy your last weeks of summer with these camp classics, and choose your level of sex, drugs and murder!



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