Judge Thread: 8 Tees Shirts That Won’t Get You Arrested By The Fashion Police In Mega City One

The newest Judge Dredd reboot opened last month and to mark the moment, we’re passing judgement on related t-shirt designs. Listed below are 7, nay 8, of our favorites, as collected from Internet points both big and small.

1. Dredd gets the zombie treatment, with a pun-y phonetic twist. Designed by Daniel Sotomayor AKA D4N13L.

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UPDATE: Dawn of the Dredd is currently available at Tee Spring for $11. That’s criminally cheap!

2. Here’s a simple, understated design featuring Dredd’s badge. The print placement lends it a uniform-like quality.

Buy: Forbidden Planet

3. Comic couture with a throwback quality.

Buy: Megacity Comics

4. Mega City One meets Mario Bros. in this wonderfully textured mash-up. +1 for the mushrooms.

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5. Never let them see you sweat.

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6. On a somewhat related note, our friends at Gimetzco! have channeled Dredd through a Banksy-ian filter, all of which begs the question: does Dredd speak Internet?

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7. Metal masters Anthrax were noted fans of the franchise, going so far as to recycle (eh, infringe?) the comic’s images and tropes in their artwork. Embedded below is one such example. Sadly, this is out-of-print deadstock.

Cap tip: Tee Til Death

8. * Shakes head in bemusement. *

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Embedded below is a trailer for the new film, which stars Karl Urban in the titular role:

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2 thoughts on “Judge Thread: 8 Tees Shirts That Won’t Get You Arrested By The Fashion Police In Mega City One

  1. troy nall

    i liked the way the DIRECTOR used the 3D effect to show how the drug(slo-mo)
    was felt to a drug user. It was the first time, that I’ve seen a Director incorporate 3D as a tool rather than just “flash and bang”.

    Paying $12-$14 per movie just because it’s “3D” is not a “good’ buy for.
    Actually it’s more of a “goodbye” for me. I’m not buying into the whole corporate mentality of 3D-ism.

    I dislike it when they(corporate america) tries to use strong arm tactics on the consumer.

    just saying…

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