Jeremy Henrickson: The Interview

There are mash-ups and then there are mash-ups. Take the one pictured here, which cleverly yokes Link and Luke (of Zelda and Star Wars fame, respectively) around a phonetic pun.

Communication Breakdown

(Image source: Shirtoid)

We loved its playful quality so much that we reached out to the artist that developed the concept, Jeremy Henrickson. Our questions, and his answers, can be read below…

IG211: If you could be so kind, please introduce yourself (and any websites you operate/manage/contribute to etc. etc. etc.)?

JPH: My name is Jeremy Henrickson and I am a fine artist and illustrator from a suburb of Vancouver. My website with my fine art is But to check out more of my tshirt designs one can visit [Redbubble].

IG211: I really love the Force Palm design. Talk a little bit about how you developed the concept behind it. Likewise, what’s the response been thus far?

JPH: I’m a big fan of pop culture and mashup t-shirt design; depending on the reference, cleverness and execution of course. I’ve wanted to do a Zelda shirt for a while but was waiting ’til I had an idea that I could really get behind. I liked how punny this concept was. That is what ultimately lead me to go with it. The response has been ok for that shirt in terms of numbers – but those who have liked it have liked it a lot so I’m happy.

IG211: Talk a little bit about artistic technique. Do you draw by hand or do you use an illustrating program? I see what I think are examples of each approach in your Redbubble store and I’m just wondering if there are benefits (or drawbacks) to each that lend themselves to particular designs?

JPH: I always start with a concept; just a rough sketch with the idea down on a scrap of paper. I refine that with sketches, sometimes many, to strengthen the concept and get the composition and elements correct. My choice for traditional means or digital programs to execute final artwork depends again on what I feel the concept of the image calls for. I suppose the benefit of using digital means is that you can make changes and have different iterations of your work. Traditional means are good because they are more tactile and there is less separation between me and my work.

IG211: It looks like Star Wars is something you return to often [samples here and below]. Speak briefly about the appeal, which only seems to grow with time.

''This station is now the ultimate power-up in the universe!''

JPH: Star Wars probably best personifies my love for pop culture. I think that it is funny how many references are made to seemingly every single moment in the Holy Trilogy. It’s almost like people who get the jokes earn right to entry into a special club; one of geeks and nerds who love all things awesome. I like making designs that have that kind of power.

IG211: Likewise, what are some other subjects that you find yourself coming back to? Also, could you list a few of your favorite movies?

JPH: When it comes to my fine art one subject I focus on a lot is women. The idea of the central female has always struck me as evocative and inspiring.

Another Sunset

I don’t show any of my work in that regard on Redbubble, but you can check them out on my regular site listed above. I am a pretty big movie buff and quote lines constantly throughout my day. Some of my favs are: Fight Club, The Incredibles, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Memento, The Fountain, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Pulp Fiction and The Empire Strikes Back.

IG211: Are there any t-shirt resources on the web that you’d like to recommend? I find myself on Shirtoid almost daily.

JPH: TeeFury is awesome, especially from a price perspective and it’s exciting to go back daily and see what the tee is. I like Threadless a lot too, they have some of the best designers creating really high quality stuff. A new one that I found recently is ShirtPunch. It works a lot like Teefury and is pretty cool too.

IG211: Feel free to add anything else you want here.

JPH: Just wanted to say thank you too fans of my work and those that have helped me along my career either through kind compliments or shirt sales. I promise to have more awesome designs and art work coming for many more years.

I also wanted to thank It Goes To 11 for having me. Cheers, you guys have been great!

IG211: The honor was ours, Jeremy. Thanks again for speaking with us!

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