Hot Conspiracy Theory Fashions: Tinfoil Hat Edition

The leaves are beginning to fall just as the Illuminati planned, and it’s time to upgrade your drab anti-mind control apparatus with some chic, sleek tinfoil hats for Fall. Whether you think it’s the fluoride keeping everyone asleep, the lizard people or the chemtrails, Found Item Clothing guarantees that you’ll have the best head piece in your bunker.

The Fashionable Truth Is Out There!

Indeed It Is

Indeed It Is

The Soldier of Truth:


Inspired by WWI helmets, this helmet/hat hybrid wicks electromagnetic rays off and away from your brain like a well made roof. The War for Truth rages on everyday and you’ve got to be protected from all kinds of reality distorters. Fortunately for you the All-Seeing Eye has never seen anything like this!

No Rabbit Left Behind



Big Brother is certainly not above using animals to keep you from learning the truth about fluoride and the moon landing, so protect yourself and your fine four-footed friends with matching foil hats. There is nothing the lizard people hate more than for you to have peace of mind, especially when their third eye telepathy can’t mess with it!

One for The Whole Family!


Finally the classic design that started it all in 1927 is available for kids. In the coming New World Order, you can keep your family immune to the specters searching for thought crime. While everyone knows that JFK’s head went back and to the left on the grassy knoll, these solidly built tin foil hats are going nowhere!

Conspiracy Wear At Its Finest


It is common knowledge that the world of high fashion is run and inhabited exclusively by aliens, but they’ve inadvertently inspired us truth seekers to make some startling innovations in anti-brainwave design. Fashion icons/Martians like Alexander McQueen and and Tom Ford have given us a true solar flair of style.

Festive Wear for One World Government


Just because nowhere is safe and the sheeple around you won’t awaken from the Matrix doesn’t mean you can’t be festive! While Santa Claus is a myth given to us by the Knights Templar, you can still be filled with good cheer year after year. Rock this Santa tin foil hat at parties so you can inconspicuously protect your brain from mind control and microwaves

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