Holiday Gift Guide 2017: For the Discerning Cult Film Fan

The cult classic movie fan in your life will be amazed when they unwrap one of these authentic reproductions. Our team of t-shirt scientists have painstakingly studied and replicated these cinema classics using top-quality shirt blanks. From the color to the font to the style, these professional-grade, costume-worthy shirts will delight even the most discerning cinephile!

Green Skeleton from Spinal Tap

“…these go to 11.” We left the sleeves on but, if you need that extra push over the cliff, you can always cut them off.

College Sweat and Tee from Animal House

Perfect for lounging in the commons or working around the house, capture that college feeling without that college price.

Betty Jane Tavern from Wet Hot American Summer

When the weather turns cold and the sweaters need fondling, this tee will keep the scratchiness at bay.

Fu Manchu Tank and Tee from Big Trouble in Little China

“Everybody relax, I’m here.” Indeed, a sense of calm comes over whoever wears this. Available as a tank top or a tshirt.

Surf Nicaragua from Real Genius

Part political statement, part work of art, the surf is always up somewhere.

John Bender Fist Pump from The Breakfast Club

The Bender fist-pump represents (to some here at FIC anyway) a culmination of the ending scenes as the group realize that they’re not that different from each other after all. It’s a very powerful scene made more so with the song “Don’t You Forget About Me” playing into the fade-out.

I Love Toxic Waste from Real Genius

Who doesn’t love toxic waste?!

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