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Cotton Candy From The Reel World: Watch A Supercut Of The Best T-Shirts In Film History

Embedded above: a visual history of the greatest prop t-shirts — and the occasional tank, polo, and sweatshirt — from film! A full list of every tee, film, and year of release is included below after the jump. What’d we miss? Post your thoughts, complaints, and critiques in the comments!

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“Ice Ice Baby”, As Sung By The Movies

Video ninja Don Draper Says What takes his newest movie mix to the extreme, supercuting “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice with 280 clips pulled from nearly as many flicks. My favorite bit is when Jabba The Hut chimes in with “SOLO” (at the 1:10 mark)! Yours?

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The Newest Trailer For The “Man Of Steel” Is Absolutely Bananas

My name is General Zod.

If the early trailers for Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel traded more on classic Superman visuals — the midwestern farmhouse, the red cape flickering in the wind, our hero gracefully looping the planet — and less on actual plot points, then this newest trailer, likely the last before the film opens on June 14th, trends in the opposite direction, shattering the peace with an ominous ultimatum from the film’s heavy, General Zod (Michael Shannon). Leavened with teasing flashes of Kryptonian tech, superhuman brawling, and heat vision, it reveals a grittier, more physical take on the franchise, with villains and challenges to match (thank you, Christopher Nolan). Of note here are the scale (HUGE) and the speed (FAST), both of which look unprecedented for a Superman film.

[YouTube via Nerd Reactor]

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Rabbits On The Reel: This Supercut Of Bunnies In Film Is Awww-dorable

Care of our sister site,, we present this adorable supercut of bunnies in film. Included in the mix are some obvious selections — Roger Rabbit, Thumper, Harvey — and an appearance by our favorite actor, Val Fucking Kilmer.

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7 Screens, 4 Proofs, And 26 Letters Later…

Embedded below: video of our newest design, the ’90s Movie Alphabet shirt, going to print yesterday at Oregon Screen Impressions!

The application of color blocks – steady, deliberate, and measured – lends the clip a vibrant, even hypnotic, eye-candy quality (that’s a real mouthful, yes?), all of which stands in contrast to the feed’s raw, unnarrated state.

Peep the shirt itself (and two others, the ’70s and ’80s Movie Alphabets, rendered in the same style) both here and below.

We do everything around here by the letter.

Developed in partnership with Stephen Wildish, about whom more can be read in this interview we conducted earlier in 2012.

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I’m On A Boat: The Weezer Cruise Will Sink Under The Weight Of Too Much RAWK!

Floating around on the Internet this week: word of a 5-day, all-inclusive cruise curated by sweater rock all-stars, Weezer!

We. Kid. You. Not. Direct from the source:

Weezer is hitting the open seas. It’s going to be our own floating music festival on a cruise ship. Weezer will perform on the outdoor Lido deck and in the inside theater. All of the bands will be performing in stages around the ship, festival style, so you can catch any or all of them during the entire trip to Cozumel and back.

Taking holiday on an island in the sun? One thinks its time to apply the surf wax, America.

Watch the teaser trailer below:

All the deets, including FAQ’s and pricing information, can be viewed here.

* I think my head is about to explode. *

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