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The Summer of the Colon: Blockbuster Movie Roundup

This summer it’s all about the colon, and thankfully we don’t mean that colon. There must have been a memo in Hollywood because the hottest movies released during the year’s hottest months all have that two dot punctuation mark. Check out our top picks of 2015’s Summer Blockbusters!

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Domestic total as of July 27th: $465,612,712.

Written and directed by Joss “The Hits Keep On Comin’” Whedon, Avengers: Age of Ultron continues to rake in box office receipts. Released May 1st, you can still go and see this witty actioner in the theaters. Check your listings because there’s an Avengers double feature in many cities! Style check: our Avengers tees will add 150 street cred points.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Domestic total as of July 27th: $151,622,298.

George Miller said in an interview that 90% of the action in Fury Road was practical effects, so not much CGI. This is a common trait in a lot of the top movies of 2015, and one that will hopefully continue! Audiences are eating up these technical, dangerous stunts, and Mad Max has them in spades. Released May 15th this movie is killing it overseas, too. We predict the Furiousa to have her own movie in 2017.

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

Release date: July 31st.

Can you believe it’s been almost 20 years since the first Mission: Impossible movie?! Tom Cruise is still kickin’ ass as Ethan Hunt, and keeping things fresh by performing his own stunts (that scene in Rogue Nation where he’s hanging on to the outside of the plane? Yup, he’s really there, strapped to the side as the plane climbs to 5000 feet). Early reviews are coming back more tepid than we expected, seemingly centered on a forgettable plot. We don’t care! We’ll be waiting in line on Friday, ready to catch this sure-fire summer blockbuster!

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

Release date: September 18th.

The first Maze Runner movie introduced many of us evil grownups to teen/young-adult scifi action writer T.S. Nowlin. This next installment (certainly leading into a third movie) moves the plot along as the group of kid-captives are presented with their next task, unironically risking their pretty faces to save the world… all while being misled by adults with ulterior motives.

Terminator: Genisys

Domestic total as of July 27th: $85,683,524.

Who could have predicted that “I’ll be back” and “come with me if you want to live” would be worth a 5-movie franchise and a TV spinoff? We predict this will be the final Terminator movie that stars Arnold (we know, we know… Terminator Salvation didn’t star Arnold, but it did have his likeness CGI’d into it), with possible future releases introducing new characters. Genisys is doing well in the international markets, which is probably going to be its saving grace. The TV show was well received, and it starred Summer Glau as a Terminator. Joss Whedon not at the helm of that show, surprising given that the premise is right up his alley and the work history he and Summer share. Style check: our Tech Noir tee is inspired from the first Terminator movie, and is a subtle nod to the franchise.

2015 Summer Movie Preview

You put on your sunglasses and step outside. It’s 99° but only 11:30am. The pool is open but nobody’s there yet. You haven’t sweated enough to justify beer-o’clock and besides, your friends don’t get off work for another 5-½ hours. What to do… Go see a movie! Nothing beats the heat like stepping into a dark, air-conditioned movie theater and consuming about 2 hours of digital projection bliss. This summer there are some amazing movies coming out. Here is a sampling of our favorites.


Based on the trailers seen so far, we predict this absolutely bonkers reboot will be 15 to 30 minutes of back-story followed by about 2 hours of the most insane cross-desert car destruction ever put on film! There’s Tom Hardy (swoon!) as Mad Max, with Charlize Theron bringing the badassness.
Director George Miller stated that 90% of the action effects are practical (ie not CGI). Given the sheer carnage included in the trailers, this casts our memories back to those 1970’s car chase films where they left in the stunts that went bad. This alone makes us want to double-down on the butter in the popcorn.


This movie looks like it’s just going to be a whole lot of fun! We didn’t know George Clooney had the lead role in this sci-fi romp until we watched the trailer, but then come to find out there’s basically an all-star cast. Brad Bird is directing (he was also at the helm for The Incredibles – one of our favorite animated movies) so that combined with what we’ve seen in the trailers makes us confident we’ll come out of the theater feeling quite satisfied. Plus there’s that Cube-esque slice n’ dice laser mesh.

KUNG FURY (May 28)

There’s not much that should be said about this upcoming short film, too many words would detract from its perfectness. It’s not going to be a very long adventure, supposedly coming in around the 30-minute mark. Interestingly, backers of this semi-failed Kickstarter-funded film say the brevity is a good thing. If it had reached its funding goal it would have been turned into a feature length film. This way it is going to reach us much, much sooner!
Bonus music video featuring The Hoff:


Even though he’s been doing the acting gig for over 10 years, we predict Chris Pratt is going to be like many movie stars from the 1980s: after some grunt work in television, there’ll be a quick rise to fame in feature films, then a quiet fading into the background. He’s not a particularly great actor but he’s the actor that we deserve right now, and despite his affable lovability in Guardians and Parks & Rec, his latest entry into the Jurassic universe sure feels phoned-in if these trailers are any indication.
Judy Greer is also in Jurassic World, and we’re not sure if she got a new agent or what, but she seems to be appearing in a lot of big name films these days. We love her and can’t wait to hear more from the woman who voices Archer’s Cheryl Tunt.

DOPE (June 19)

We’re counting the minutes until this movie is released. In a good way we can’t help but make a comparison to the almighty classic, Friday. We follow for a day a smart protagonist, who has some goofy friends, that run afoul of some gangster-lite types, while falling for the pretty girl, and probably ends the night on a high note. Of course we’re only extrapolating this from the trailer, but if DOPE holds up to the hype (and there have been a lot of words written about this film that say it does), the film has a strong chance to become a cult classic, just like Friday. Bonus: 90s hip-hop soundtrack to die for.

ANT-MAN (July 17)

Marking the last Marvel film until mid-2016, Ant-Man is directed by an interesting choice: Peyton Reed. Mr. Reed is known much more for his comedic work (offbeat comedy?) than any sort of direction on drama films. This signals to us that either Ant-Man is going to be a comedy heist film – with lots of one-liners and puns – or Peyton is trying to break out of his mold. Given that the Avengers: Age of Ultron had twice as much “funny” as necessary, our money is that Ant-Man is going to go the same direction. Regardless the premise looks interesting and we do love heist films, plus there’s the Marvel stamp of approval, so we are cautiously optimistic that the funny will be held to a reasonable amount and the heist aspect carefully crafted.


Tom Cruise is back, reprising his role as Ethan Hunt in what looks to be (if this trailer is any judge) to be our most favorite Mission: Impossible entry yet! Something that we’ve noticed lately is that some directors are working less with CGI and more with practical effects, and this Mission is no exception. Near the end of the trailer, the scene where Cruise is hanging off the cargo plane? He’s actually out there, climbing and fighting on the outside of an Airbus Atlas, to an altitude of 5000 feet, and no stunt double. We have to hand it to the 52-year-old actor: he’s keeping himself in shape and looking good.

The Newest Trailer For The “Man Of Steel” Is Absolutely Bananas

My name is General Zod.

If the early trailers for Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel traded more on classic Superman visuals — the midwestern farmhouse, the red cape flickering in the wind, our hero gracefully looping the planet — and less on actual plot points, then this newest trailer, likely the last before the film opens on June 14th, trends in the opposite direction, shattering the peace with an ominous ultimatum from the film’s heavy, General Zod (Michael Shannon). Leavened with teasing flashes of Kryptonian tech, superhuman brawling, and heat vision, it reveals a grittier, more physical take on the franchise, with villains and challenges to match (thank you, Christopher Nolan). Of note here are the scale (HUGE) and the speed (FAST), both of which look unprecedented for a Superman film.

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Judge Thread: 8 Tees Shirts That Won’t Get You Arrested By The Fashion Police In Mega City One

The newest Judge Dredd reboot opened last month and to mark the moment, we’re passing judgement on related t-shirt designs. Listed below are 7, nay 8, of our favorites, as collected from Internet points both big and small.

1. Dredd gets the zombie treatment, with a pun-y phonetic twist. Designed by Daniel Sotomayor AKA D4N13L.

Buy: Redbubble

UPDATE: Dawn of the Dredd is currently available at Tee Spring for $11. That’s criminally cheap!

2. Here’s a simple, understated design featuring Dredd’s badge. The print placement lends it a uniform-like quality.

Buy: Forbidden Planet

3. Comic couture with a throwback quality.

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The Wyld Stallyns pair up with the Ex-Presidents to steal some dough (of the monied and pizza type, alike) in Break the Bank, a faux trailer developed by Portland videographer, Brett Roberts, for a contest sponsored by Bad Ass Digest.

Supports and sympathizers can work the levers of democracy by voting for the clip here (the deadline to do so is Thursday, June 21st!). Turncoats and Tories need not apply…

Astute readers might recall that Roberts directed the video for The Mean Jeans’ “Anybody Out There“, featured last month in this very column.

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