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Definitive Music Festival T-Shirts for the Young and Free

After an almost a two decade long hiatus in the 1970s and 1980s, music festivals caught on as an enduring cultural phenomenon and with them came ever better t-shirts. With the tees, fans could celebrating the acts themselves, bond over the shared festival experience  or simply look stylish. Here we’ll take a look at the shirts festivals brought to the masses.


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Surprising Facts About 5 Stoner Movies

Greetings Friends! As you bake and bake this fine day, we should take a look back at how far weed has come. We are currently in the golden age of marijuana, if you look at when some stoner movies came out and how potent weed was at the time, it really changes how you understand the movies.

Cannabis Over The Years


The classics are still classics, but we should look at these films a little closer. We’ll start with the classics, present the facts and then go get something to eat.

Half Baked 

Half Baked is about 3 stoners who steal a research lab’s weed and sell it to raise money to break their friend out of jail. They decide to call the weed “Mr. Nice Guy” and it is apparently the dankest thing money can buy.

This is a very silly movie. Just silly.

1. There is no weed that can make you fly! Not even Tahoe OG Kush. Much to our chagrin. We’re not sure about dogs.

This is what it sounds like when dogs fly...

This is what it sounds like, when dogs fly…

2. Any research lab in the US using marijuana at that time would source it from a little known research department at the University of Mississippi that has grown weed for the government since 1968. In the year that Thurgood and his friends were being entrepreneurial (1998), the best average imported weed one could get in New York was of 4.91% THC concentration. The best the government could do at the time was not higher than 4%. So all the smokers that raved about “Mr. Nice Guy” weren’t getting that high

3. Sir Smokes-A-Lot is clearly smoking something aside from weed. “Mr. Nice Guy” doesn’t make anyone that manic and aggressive.

Thanks Obama

Thanks Obama

Harold & Kumar go to White Castle

Harold & Kumar is a fantastic tale of two guys who get the munchies and set out on an adventure to find White Castle burgers. It has something possessed by all great movies:


"I don't even know you're there, but if I did I'd ignore you."

“I don’t even know you’re there, but if I did, I’d ignore you.”


Imagine you are the fastest land animal in earth. Everything you see is motion. Your heart beats 160 times a minute compared to most humans’ 80. Two strange primates smoke you out and you get shockingly high in fractions of a second. You have a stupendous lung capacity, in a few seconds you’re off your cheetah face. You are higher than any large feline predator has ever been in the history of earth. You look down at your paws and they look more alive and vivid than anything you’ve ever seen.

So now you are one faded cheetah. Let’s examine some of your options:

(A) Lie down and think of a word for how blasted you are.

(B) Rub things

(C) Eat the two humans because you’re a cheetah and have the munchies

(D) Give the two humans a ride on your back because you’re a convenient plot device

Also cheetahs don’t have any thumbs! So these two humans would have to place a joint in your mouth like you’re a little baby and not the most badass animal they’ll ever see.

“Like why do I run so fast? It’s the journey not the destination”

“Like why do I run so fast? It’s the journey not the destination”

How High

Silas & Jamal smoked weed grown from the remains of their former friend. The ghost of their friend is able to help the two ace the “Test for Higher Credentials.”  Totally plausible, happens all the time.

But this raises a crucial question: Why they don’t see the ghosts of dinosaurs or other dead people when they smoke weed that grows on the remains of other stuff? But hey, maybe they do see them and they just assume it’s just part of how high they are.

"Hey Silas, how high are we man?

“Hey Silas, how high are we man?


Pineapple Express


There are no inconsistencies in Pineapple Express and it’s based on a true story.


Friday is about learning.

The main character Craig wakes up in the morning and it seems kinda odd. No barking from the dog, no smog, but Craig wakes up with no job. Smokey comes in, and they smoke out. They learn they have a $200 debt they have to dig out.

When something happens in South Central Los Angeles, nothing happens unless its Smokey on PCP. Smokey tells Craig that smoking marijuana laced with PCP caused him to run through the street in his underwear. In all likelihood, Smokey experienced a panic attack. A PCP high takes about 5 minutes to manifest & Smokey felt it in seconds.

Pure PCP is much closer to being an incapacitating type of high, not a “running through the street in underwear” type of high. The problem was not the PCP, the problem was Smokey as we all suspected. But at least he learned an important lesson: Know your dealer.

Know your dealer!

Happy 4/20!!!

Have a happy 4/20 and stay hydrated!


6 Superheroes Refreshed Using Facebook’s “Like” Button

Illustrator Jaime Calderón has redesigned popular superheroes using Facebook’s ubiquitous “Like” button. Embedded below are 6 such designs, split equally between characters from D.C. and Marvel. For 6 more examples from the same series, click here.

Follow me to the Batcave.


The Man Of Steel likes your status update.


Now you see me, now you don’t.

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I Would Play The Shit Out Of This Nintendo Avengers Game

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, The Avengers, reimagined here with a classic Nintendo twist. The thought of Tony Stark’s Iron Man mind melding with Samus Aran is mind blowing. Come on, Internet, let’s make this happen…


Artist unknown but we thank them regardless. Via: Dorkly

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Fashionable Ensembles From The Reel World

French photog Candice Milon has curated a gallery of memorable movie outfits, a subject close to our heart here at It Goes To 11.

Casablanca (1942)


Rebel Without A Cause (1955)


A Clockwork Orange (1971)


See 5 more outfits here.

Hat tip: Toxel

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