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The Internet Reacts to the 2nd Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

Whether you’ve been following the Star Wars saga since its beginnings in the 80s or were introduced to it somewhere along the way, you’re no doubt aware of the new trailer for the much-anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens, due in theaters this December.

Response to the second trailer has been widespread; we’ve gathered some of our favorite reaction articles and videos for your enjoyment.

Gizmodo UK has a detailed breakdown of all the rumors, leaks, and trailers to date; read at your own risk!

Babies are getting super pumped even though they may not fully understand what’s happening.

Entertainment Weekly deciphers hidden clues from the trailer.

What Culture talks about 7 fan theories about the new trailer that are probably too crazy to be true.

FirstShowing breaks down the trailer frame by frame.

Dork Side of the Force found the new trailer to be particularly GIFable and has structured its review accordingly.

SNL reaired its spoof of the first trailer with James Franco from late last year:

If Father Roderick is this excited about the new trailer, just wait until the full movie is released.

What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been: This Supercut Of Drugs In Movies Is Exhausting

The hits keep coming — pun totally intendo, BOOYAH! — in this new video mixtape from YouTuber Robert Jones. Structured loosely around the emotional life cycle of illicit drug use (the excitement… the confidence spike… the crash!), the edit takes a detailed, nay exhausting, look at the consumptive habits of our favorite on-screen anti-heroes, highlights including the Milk Bar from A Clockwork Orange, Tony Montana’s mountain of nose candy in Scarface, and the goofball stoners from Half-Baked.

Did they miss your favorite clip? Let us know in the comments below!

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Most Expensive T-Shirt

World’s Most Expensive Jersey Sold For Over $1.25 Million

Not exactly your typical t shirt, but an iconic piece of history nevertheless, the jersey Canadian hockey legend Paul Henderson wore while scoring the winning goal against the Soviet Union in 1972 was recently sold for a whopping sum of over $1.25 million.

Most Expensive T-Shirt

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The Wyld Stallyns pair up with the Ex-Presidents to steal some dough (of the monied and pizza type, alike) in Break the Bank, a faux trailer developed by Portland videographer, Brett Roberts, for a contest sponsored by Bad Ass Digest.

Supports and sympathizers can work the levers of democracy by voting for the clip here (the deadline to do so is Thursday, June 21st!). Turncoats and Tories need not apply…

Astute readers might recall that Roberts directed the video for The Mean Jeans’ “Anybody Out There“, featured last month in this very column.

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Punk Rock That Is Out Of This World

The Mean Jeans (Portland, OR) bang out fast, buzzing punk rock with a wry brand of humor. Their new album, “On Mars,” was released last month on Dirtnap Records and its infectious single, “Anybody Out There”, has received a clever, DIY video treatment that ponders that very question. Bonus points for the custom props sourced from the thrift store, the candy-colored palette and those wonderful laserdiscs, future tech whose time has come and gone.

As directed by local filmmaker Brett Roberts.

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10+ Pieces Of Fanmade Weezer Swag Spotted On The Weezer Cruise

There are Weezer fans and then there are Weezer fans. Take the 10 12 15+ enthusiastic individuals pictured below, all of whom were spotted on The Weezer Cruise, which returned last week from 5 amazing days at sea aboard the magnificent Carnival Destiny. As you’ll see, said fans came prepared with all manner of homemade or modded Weezer merch, each item a loving testament to their favorite RAWK band.

As with all of our lists, this one is presented in no particular order. Unless otherwise noted, all photos were snapped by the author.

1. Weezer Adidas tracksuit, custom embroidered for the occasion.

''Walk through concert doors...''

On the back.

''...and roam all over coliseum floors.''

2. The same enterprising individual was also said to smuggle a giant flag — emblazoned with the band’s signature visual, the so-called Flying W — onto our floating vessel. Let’s just say that we’re not naming any names…

''And the rocker's (sic) red glare, the bombs bursting in air/Gave proof thro' the night that our flag was still there...''

Image source: Weezer’s Official FB Feed

Look for the flag at the :05 mark! Simply amazing…

Let the ink sink:

Know Your Meme

3. For the record, there was more than one flag spied on the boat. Here we have the Union Jack, as adorned with a home-scrawled Flying W.

''I am not the flag: not at all. I am but its shadow.'' - Franklin Knight Lane

Captain Cuomo, performing “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn)” in said flag!

Don't thread on me.

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This Tape Goes To 11

Another week brings another punning product from the reel world…

Exactly medically accurate.

(Click to link through.)

Via: Laughing Squid.

From the source material:

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