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What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been: This Supercut Of Drugs In Movies Is Exhausting

The hits keep coming — pun totally intendo, BOOYAH! — in this new video mixtape from YouTuber Robert Jones. Structured loosely around the emotional life cycle of illicit drug use (the excitement… the confidence spike… the crash!), the edit takes a detailed, nay exhausting, look at the consumptive habits of our favorite on-screen anti-heroes, highlights including the Milk Bar from A Clockwork Orange, Tony Montana’s mountain of nose candy in Scarface, and the goofball stoners from Half-Baked.

Did they miss your favorite clip? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cotton Candy From The Reel World: Watch A Supercut Of The Best T-Shirts In Film History

Embedded above: a visual history of the greatest prop t-shirts — and the occasional tank, polo, and sweatshirt — from film! A full list of every tee, film, and year of release is included below after the jump. What’d we miss? Post your thoughts, complaints, and critiques in the comments!

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“Ice Ice Baby”, As Sung By The Movies

Video ninja Don Draper Says What takes his newest movie mix to the extreme, supercuting “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice with 280 clips pulled from nearly as many flicks. My favorite bit is when Jabba The Hut chimes in with “SOLO” (at the 1:10 mark)! Yours?

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WATCH: “Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas”, As Recapped In 60 Seconds With Black And White Illustrations

Source: YouTube | Via: The Awesomer

Hunter S. Thompson’s magnum opus gets the speedrun treatment in this new clip from 1A4Studios. It even includes the hitchhiker, portrayed in the feature-length film of the same name by Tobey Maguire! I’ve always coveted the t-shirt he wears in the movie, a grotesque parody of Mickey Mouse that was originally sketched by longtime Thompson collaborator, Ralph Steadman.


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Wheels On The Reels: 20 Awesome Vanity License Plates From Film (Quiz)

Typically employed as a comedic sight gag or visual accent for character development, the vanity license plate has a long and rich history in film. Compiled below are 20 examples of the form, along with a simple but challenging quiz.

How many of these ego-fueling alphanumerical strings can you identify?

1. ECTO-1

A. Ghost In The Machine
B. Ghostbusters
C. Ghost


A. Home Alone
B. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
C. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter


A. Drive
B. The Cannonball Run
C. Smokey And The Bandit


A. Kill Bill: Vol 1.
B. Death Proof
C. The Fast And The Furious


A. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
B. Back To The Future
C. Hot Tub Time Machine

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