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Megaplex: 80 minutes of ’80s Awesomeness from Smash TV

crazy 80 minute supercut
Over one and a half years in the making, Megaplex, a super supercut, is almost beyond description. Jam-packing thousands of snippets from almost 100 movies, paired with an incredibly timed soundtrack, the entertainment factor is completely off the charts.

Coined a double-feature by the creators, Turbo (or Side A, the first half of the supercut) will have you jonesing for those late nights during a sleepover when you and your friends would binge on Jolt cola and watch whatever crazy movies channel 3 had on from 10pm to 6am. Cuts from long-forgotten kung fu, action, anime, fighting movie favorites… they’re all here, in rapid fire succession.

After a brief intermission dubbed Coming Attractions (which covers different vignettes exploring various themes and genres), Beyond (aka Side B) begins. A cacophony of spasm-inducing lights, colors, and sounds, Side B pieces together at a machine gun clip, “choice cuts from a strange time in the horror, sci-fi, and fantasy genres…” Sometimes epileptic seizure inducing, sometimes freaky and/or gory, the imagery flashes by relentlessly while the music seems almost tailor-made.

What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been: This Supercut Of Drugs In Movies Is Exhausting

The hits keep coming — pun totally intendo, BOOYAH! — in this new video mixtape from YouTuber Robert Jones. Structured loosely around the emotional life cycle of illicit drug use (the excitement… the confidence spike… the crash!), the edit takes a detailed, nay exhausting, look at the consumptive habits of our favorite on-screen anti-heroes, highlights including the Milk Bar from A Clockwork Orange, Tony Montana’s mountain of nose candy in Scarface, and the goofball stoners from Half-Baked.

Did they miss your favorite clip? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cotton Candy From The Reel World: Watch A Supercut Of The Best T-Shirts In Film History

Embedded above: a visual history of the greatest prop t-shirts — and the occasional tank, polo, and sweatshirt — from film! A full list of every tee, film, and year of release is included below after the jump. What’d we miss? Post your thoughts, complaints, and critiques in the comments!

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“Ice Ice Baby”, As Sung By The Movies

Video ninja Don Draper Says What takes his newest movie mix to the extreme, supercuting “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice with 280 clips pulled from nearly as many flicks. My favorite bit is when Jabba The Hut chimes in with “SOLO” (at the 1:10 mark)! Yours?

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Pixels On Parade: Watch A 21-Minute Supercut Of Video Games In Movies

There are supercuts and then there are supercuts. Highlights here in this sprawling history of video games from the reel world include a gaming-as-addiction montage, a series of digital dance offs, and a three-part tribute to Michael J. Fox!

See a complete list of every film at YouTube. Edited by Travis Greenwood (that’s me!) and Brett Roberts.

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Rabbits On The Reel: This Supercut Of Bunnies In Film Is Awww-dorable

Care of our sister site,, we present this adorable supercut of bunnies in film. Included in the mix are some obvious selections — Roger Rabbit, Thumper, Harvey — and an appearance by our favorite actor, Val Fucking Kilmer.

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Watch A Faux Trailer For 1985’s “Real Genius”, Recut In The Style Of M. Night Shyamalan

Don Draper Says What, the creator of last year’s amazing “Baby Got Back” supercut and more recently, this Avengers/Breakfast Club mashup, returns with a new video that filters a cherished nerd classic, 1985’s Real Genius, through the surrealist stylings of Hollywood auteur punching bag, M. Night Shamayalan. What’s notable here is the edit’s focal shift, from the film’s hero-protagonist, Chris Knight (played to perfection by a dreamy, 20-something Val Kilmer exuding both wit and charisma), to his even geekier roommate, Mitch Taylor (Gabe Jarret), a sweet but awkward 15-year-old science prodigy. Their friendship powers the film’s narrative beats, but here it is corrupted into something darker, more foreboding, and shot through with uneasiness, thanks largely to the transformative power of selective editing and more importantly, the trailer’s dissonant score, which lends a degree of suspense, horror, and gravitas absent from the source material. (Also displaced to the periphery in Draper’s treatment are the brainy pranks and comedic sight gags — Knight’s amazing assortment of prop shirts, the film’s climactic, laser-fired volcano of popcorn, the New Wave study hall montage — that made the movie so memorable but this only enhances its effectiveness as a remix.) Brillz!

Cap tip: BuzzFeed

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