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The Mean Jeans Put On Their Halloween Pants, Do The Monster Mash (Video)

Noted party animals and ’80 enthusiasts, the Mean Jeans, rumble through the pop culture canon with an amazacular ode to Indiana Jones… and Sparks, the alcoholic energy bevy of choice for Portland’s creative underclass.

Shot at Fright Town, a local haunted house, the video comes packed with a gaggle of movie references and juvenile in-jokes, punctuated all by a ghoulish dance party (writer’s note: the girl with bloody eye sockets has cute moves). How many can you spot in the video for their new single, “Possessed 2 Party With U (Ragers of the Lost Sparks)”? Weigh in below…

It should be noted that the clip above was directed by Brett Roberts, whom attentive readers might recall co-edited our supercut of iconic movie sunglasses earlier in the year.

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Judge Thread: 8 Tees Shirts That Won’t Get You Arrested By The Fashion Police In Mega City One

The newest Judge Dredd reboot opened last month and to mark the moment, we’re passing judgement on related t-shirt designs. Listed below are 7, nay 8, of our favorites, as collected from Internet points both big and small.

1. Dredd gets the zombie treatment, with a pun-y phonetic twist. Designed by Daniel Sotomayor AKA D4N13L.

Buy: Redbubble

UPDATE: Dawn of the Dredd is currently available at Tee Spring for $11. That’s criminally cheap!

2. Here’s a simple, understated design featuring Dredd’s badge. The print placement lends it a uniform-like quality.

Buy: Forbidden Planet

3. Comic couture with a throwback quality.

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Nigel Tufnel Lives Where?

The. Best. License. Plate. Evah.

''Look, right across the board, eleven, eleven, eleven and...''

Cap tip: Mick J. in ‘Sota.

A loving homage:

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Punk Rock That Is Out Of This World

The Mean Jeans (Portland, OR) bang out fast, buzzing punk rock with a wry brand of humor. Their new album, “On Mars,” was released last month on Dirtnap Records and its infectious single, “Anybody Out There”, has received a clever, DIY video treatment that ponders that very question. Bonus points for the custom props sourced from the thrift store, the candy-colored palette and those wonderful laserdiscs, future tech whose time has come and gone.

As directed by local filmmaker Brett Roberts.

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