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Kick Off Summer With New Top Gun Shirts!

Feeling the need for speed? You’ve come to the right place. This Memorial Day, FIC is pleased to present some of the new additions to our Top Gun t-shirt collection (and an old favorite). Don’t lose that lovin’ feeling: check them out now!

Goose Is My Wingman

If you’ve got the best wingman in Top Gun by your side, you’re going to want to brag about it. The Goose Is My Wingman shirt lets everyone in the room know who has your back.

8-Bit Top Gun Logo

Take your love of Top Gun totally old school in this awesome 8 Bit Top Gun shirt! You’re sure to take everyone’s breath away when you walk into the room.

Nas Miramar Volleyball

When you’re playing a game of beach volleyball, it’s important to look the part. Get a stylish arm up on your competition with this Nas Miramar Volleyball shirt.


If a short-sleeved sweatshirt’s more your style, our Firebirds sweatshirt is just like the one Goose wears on the volleyball court— just cut the arms off! It’s one of our tried-and-true favorites, and it’s also available as a t-shirt.

On The Finer Points Of Tee Shirt Fashion: An Interview With Nicole From We Love Fine


To paraphrase the Archers of Loaf, the online t-shirt milieu is overcrowded. Dig through the detritus, though, and you’ll stumble across an occasional gem. Case in point: We Love Fine. The L.A.-based design imprint has emerged as a powerhouse in the last year, marrying slick designs, hot pop culture licenses, a growing social media footprint and impeccable production values, all to awesome, nerd-approved effect.

We heart WLF so much we reached out for a Q & A with Nicole Campos, the brand’s marketing maven (and in the interest of disclosure, this very blog’s original editor (WOOT!)).

It Goes to 11: Could you please introduce yourself for our readers?

Nicole Campos: My name is Nicole Campos, I live in Los Angeles (born and raised) and I work with I’ve worked in media for many years, primarily as a staff member at LA Weekly in various capacities including their editorial web division, online advertising and as a contributing writer. I’ve also contributed articles for OCWeekly, Nerdist and other publications. And basically, I’m just a giant nerd girl. 😉 I love my sci-fi and my superheroes and my space operas. And cats. And tea. And Sriracha.

Our interviewee, rendered here in pixel form.

It Goes to 11: Tell us a bit about what the t-shirt means to you and how you came to be employed in the field? What do you look for in a cool tee.
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7 Screens, 4 Proofs, And 26 Letters Later…

Embedded below: video of our newest design, the ’90s Movie Alphabet shirt, going to print yesterday at Oregon Screen Impressions!

The application of color blocks – steady, deliberate, and measured – lends the clip a vibrant, even hypnotic, eye-candy quality (that’s a real mouthful, yes?), all of which stands in contrast to the feed’s raw, unnarrated state.

Peep the shirt itself (and two others, the ’70s and ’80s Movie Alphabets, rendered in the same style) both here and below.

We do everything around here by the letter.

Developed in partnership with Stephen Wildish, about whom more can be read in this interview we conducted earlier in 2012.

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Nigel Tufnel Lives Where?

The. Best. License. Plate. Evah.

''Look, right across the board, eleven, eleven, eleven and...''

Cap tip: Mick J. in ‘Sota.

A loving homage:

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Heroic T-Shirt Assemblage

We Love Fine has a new range of tees to celebrate the release of The Avengers and embedded below are three of our favorites.

The first, the aptly-titled Assemble, blends form and function to excellent effect. It, not surprisingly, took top place in a design contest staged prior to the film’s release and sponsored jointly by Marvel and WLF. Clever effing overload!

Coming Full Circle

Image via: Shirtoid.

The second, meanwhile, elegantly repurposes the iconic artwork from issue one of The Infinity Gauntlet, which was released at the apex of my comic book readership (and fluency). The film concluded with a major teaser that promises an even grander sequel wrapped around the events and villains of said series. Ah, the power of nostalgia.

I Love The Power Glove. It's So Bad...

Image via: Shirtoid

Fancy the felines? Then our last tee is for you.


Image source: Shirtoid

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Stephen King Rules The Airwaves At MTV…

Sean Collins — music journo, comic book professional, and t-shirt curator — weighs in on the newest episode of Game Of Thrones for the Music Television network AND he does so in our Stephen King Rules t-shirt (video embedded below).


We previously interviewed Mr. Collins in 2010. Read it here.

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