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Reverend Tre’s Cult Film Revival: Saddentine’s Day

Yeah yeah, Valentine’s Day is for lovers and significant others and all that jazz. What about the rest of us… those of us with unrequited love or a giant black lump of coal for a heart because of a bad breakup? Perhaps your sense of humanity was shredded due to heartbreak. Whatever the reason, between you and me, Valentine’s Day is a day for suckers (not the lusty kind, you dirty-minded hound dog). Love is for the birds, for the weak-kneed, for the starry eyed wishful thinkers. Besides, having your heart ripped out is good for you. It teaches self-sufficiency and makes you okay with being alone. It also teaches us humanity and empathy, once the pain fades… even if just a little bit.

All this romantic pain and suffering got me to thinking: what’s some of the worst, most horrible cinematic examples of heartbreak that’s out there? Scenes that are just waiting to be watched and embraced like ice cold water poured on an exposed tummy. Let’s watch and be moved to tears on this darkest of holidays.

Grave of the Fireflies

From famed animation powerhouse Studio Ghibli, Grave of the Fireflies is a war story involving two young people trying to survive post-WW2 Japan. To say the movie is heart-wrenching is putting it mildly. I cannot watch it again.

Lost in Translation

Simply put, Lost in Translation is about love that could have been. Despite the ridiculous age difference between Johansson and Murray, you do end up with this pit in your stomach because we’ve all been there.

A Love Story

A slow burn, A Love Story is the quintessential sad tale of boy meets girl, love blossoms, girl dies. Oh and this movie is the source for that insipid quote, “love means never having to say you’re sorry”.

My Girl

Watch Macaulay Culkin die from bees. Get your hankies handy, this one is A++ brutal. Not for the faint of heart


Up isn’t best known for its animation style or its story; it’s known for its 4 minute intro that ruined moviegoers. People didn’t have a heads up! They came in to watch a fun Pixar flick and ended up with tears streaming down their faces and snot running from their noses. Just a brutal way to start a film: left hook your audience with an iron fist.

The Notebook

Another slow burn, The Notebook takes us on an emotional rollercoaster culminating with realization that none of us are ever going to know the love that they felt.


Not a movie but a documentary, Mine is almost unwatchable if you love dogs. What keeps you going are the happy scenes when the pets are reunited.

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Illustrated with aplomb by the design nerds at DKNG Studios, this beautiful graphic, entitled “Arcade“, pays homage to 5 classic video games — Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Asteroids, Galaga, and Dig Dug — with color and verve. Prints are available for $60 at IAm8Bit.

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Stephen King Rules The Airwaves At MTV…

Sean Collins — music journo, comic book professional, and t-shirt curator — weighs in on the newest episode of Game Of Thrones for the Music Television network AND he does so in our Stephen King Rules t-shirt (video embedded below).


We previously interviewed Mr. Collins in 2010. Read it here.

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Jeremy Henrickson: The Interview

There are mash-ups and then there are mash-ups. Take the one pictured here, which cleverly yokes Link and Luke (of Zelda and Star Wars fame, respectively) around a phonetic pun.

Communication Breakdown

(Image source: Shirtoid)

We loved its playful quality so much that we reached out to the artist that developed the concept, Jeremy Henrickson. Our questions, and his answers, can be read below…

IG211: If you could be so kind, please introduce yourself (and any websites you operate/manage/contribute to etc. etc. etc.)?

JPH: My name is Jeremy Henrickson and I am a fine artist and illustrator from a suburb of Vancouver. My website with my fine art is But to check out more of my tshirt designs one can visit [Redbubble].

IG211: I really love the Force Palm design. Talk a little bit about how you developed the concept behind it. Likewise, what’s the response been thus far?

JPH: I’m a big fan of pop culture and mashup t-shirt design; depending on the reference, cleverness and execution of course. I’ve wanted to do a Zelda shirt for a while but was waiting ’til I had an idea that I could really get behind. I liked how punny this concept was. That is what ultimately lead me to go with it. The response has been ok for that shirt in terms of numbers – but those who have liked it have liked it a lot so I’m happy.

IG211: Talk a little bit about artistic technique. Do you draw by hand or do you use an illustrating program? I see what I think are examples of each approach in your Redbubble store and I’m just wondering if there are benefits (or drawbacks) to each that lend themselves to particular designs?
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10+ Pieces Of Fanmade Weezer Swag Spotted On The Weezer Cruise

There are Weezer fans and then there are Weezer fans. Take the 10 12 15+ enthusiastic individuals pictured below, all of whom were spotted on The Weezer Cruise, which returned last week from 5 amazing days at sea aboard the magnificent Carnival Destiny. As you’ll see, said fans came prepared with all manner of homemade or modded Weezer merch, each item a loving testament to their favorite RAWK band.

As with all of our lists, this one is presented in no particular order. Unless otherwise noted, all photos were snapped by the author.

1. Weezer Adidas tracksuit, custom embroidered for the occasion.

''Walk through concert doors...''

On the back.

''...and roam all over coliseum floors.''

2. The same enterprising individual was also said to smuggle a giant flag — emblazoned with the band’s signature visual, the so-called Flying W — onto our floating vessel. Let’s just say that we’re not naming any names…

''And the rocker's (sic) red glare, the bombs bursting in air/Gave proof thro' the night that our flag was still there...''

Image source: Weezer’s Official FB Feed

Look for the flag at the :05 mark! Simply amazing…

Let the ink sink:

Know Your Meme

3. For the record, there was more than one flag spied on the boat. Here we have the Union Jack, as adorned with a home-scrawled Flying W.

''I am not the flag: not at all. I am but its shadow.'' - Franklin Knight Lane

Captain Cuomo, performing “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn)” in said flag!

Don't thread on me.

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Don’t Hassle Us, We’re Portlanders

Spotted on the Internet: comedian Fred Armisen hamming it up in a pair of Found Item designs (Tux tee, Don’t Hassle Me)!

The snaps below come from a photo shoot organized by Portland Monthly to promote the second season of Portlandia, Armisen’s most recent project and break out cable success. Along with co-conspirator Carrie Brownstein (Sleater-Kinney), he skewers the Portland lifestyle (however caricatured) to (mostly) humorous effect via assorted sketches.

Portland goes abroad.

Dressed to a tee.

View the entire slide show here.

Watch behind the scenes fun:

Cap tip: Eden Dawn, Shop Talk.

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