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Now This Is What I Call Fine Art

Culture vultures in NYC take note: Gallery 1988 is bringing a new show of movie-themed artwork to the Big Apple in August. It’ll feature more than 200-plus pieces, including the amazing aggregation embedded below.

”Come quietly or there will be… art.”

More details here.

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Stephen Wildish: The Interview

The Internet overflows with movie memes but every so often one breaks through the chatter. Take the work of Stephen Wildish, a UK-based graphic designer with a knack for turning out simple but striking alphabets that communicate a loving knowledge of film.

Movie madness, from A to Z.

Stephen’s work has been making the rounds of late and we recently chatted him up via email. The text of our conversation is embedded below…

IG211: Could you please introduce yourself (and your website) for our readers?

SW: I am Stephen Wildish, [and] I trained in Fine Art/Printmaking [but] have since wandered into graphic design. I love to make silly/funny things, and I do so every Friday. I call it The Friday Project. I pop these up on my website,, and the various social media networks.

IG211: So, the obvious question: how did you develop the concept for the movie alphabets?

SW: The movie alphabets came about because I had a strange desire to draw Michael J. Fox as Marty FcFly (I could see how his bodywarmer would look in my head) so I drew it… then I kept drawing until the ’80s was finished. I then got addicted and can’t stop making them!

''Whoa, this vest is heavy.''

IG211: I love the simple, icon-like approach to your work. Do you draw by hand or are these projects rendered using an illustrating program?

SW: I use illustrator. It’s a simple technique but it can take a long time to draw out an alphabet…

IG211: Each alphabet seems to include some very memorable images and then a few others that require more puzzle crunching. Is this deliberate on your part?
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Topless Robot: The Interview

Talk Nerdy To Me

The web suffers for no lack of nerdy tee shirt connoisseurs, but one of our favorites is Topless Robot‘s recurring feature, Geek Apparel of the Week. The designs, collected from an assortment of e-shops both big and small, are consistently archived around a broad, pop culture skein. We recently spoke with the site’s founder, Rob Bricken, via email about his sartorial selections; the transcript of our conversation follows below.

IG211: If you would be so kind, can you please introduce yourself (and your website) for our readers?

TR: I’m Rob Bricken, head writer and mediocre editor of Topless Robot(.com), an all-purpose nerd news and humor web site owned by Village Voice Media. I am a nerd, but I recognize nerds are generally ridiculous, and given that we’re living in a time with awesome comic book movies, cartoons, toys and video games, it’s my responsibility to remind nerds that they can be ridiculous.

Our subject, providing editorial oversight to his newest intern.

IG211: I love that you find space in your column for tee shirts. When did this start and what was the motivation behind it?

TR: It started in the early days — I had just noticed there were so many great nerd shirts coming out, especially with the shirt-a-day sites. I would get tips to feature various tees all the time, and eventually I settled on doing a post of 2-3 shirts per week, just to keep it manageable. Nerds love their nerd shirts, and there are some astoundingly clever ones being made nowadays.

IG211: As a leading Internet authority on all things Nerd, what exactly constitutes Geek Apparel? Are there certain attributes or properties that you look for in the design (or garment)?
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10+ Pieces Of Fanmade Weezer Swag Spotted On The Weezer Cruise

There are Weezer fans and then there are Weezer fans. Take the 10 12 15+ enthusiastic individuals pictured below, all of whom were spotted on The Weezer Cruise, which returned last week from 5 amazing days at sea aboard the magnificent Carnival Destiny. As you’ll see, said fans came prepared with all manner of homemade or modded Weezer merch, each item a loving testament to their favorite RAWK band.

As with all of our lists, this one is presented in no particular order. Unless otherwise noted, all photos were snapped by the author.

1. Weezer Adidas tracksuit, custom embroidered for the occasion.

''Walk through concert doors...''

On the back.

''...and roam all over coliseum floors.''

2. The same enterprising individual was also said to smuggle a giant flag — emblazoned with the band’s signature visual, the so-called Flying W — onto our floating vessel. Let’s just say that we’re not naming any names…

''And the rocker's (sic) red glare, the bombs bursting in air/Gave proof thro' the night that our flag was still there...''

Image source: Weezer’s Official FB Feed

Look for the flag at the :05 mark! Simply amazing…

Let the ink sink:

Know Your Meme

3. For the record, there was more than one flag spied on the boat. Here we have the Union Jack, as adorned with a home-scrawled Flying W.

''I am not the flag: not at all. I am but its shadow.'' - Franklin Knight Lane

Captain Cuomo, performing “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn)” in said flag!

Don't thread on me.

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