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Fun Halloween Costumes That Are Fast, Easy, Affordable!

halloween costumes that are fast, cheap, and fun
Get inspired with any of our super fast, easy, and inexpensive costume ideas! There are dozens to choose from, and many won’t need much more than one of our awesome cult film shirts. Don’t wait ’till it’s too late! As of this writing, there’s only 11 days until the shipping cutoff. Make the most of this Halloween with the awesome 80’s and Cult Movie Costume Guide!

Best Or Worst Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – You Decide

Romance comes in so many flavors, why stop at chocolate and flowers? Giving an unconventional gift is a great idea; they’re typically not something that can be purchased the day of Valentine’s. This shows your special someone you’re thinking of them deeply and creatively. Shop cautiously however as it’s easy to overstep a boundary! Much like deciding to share a fetish, you’ll want to choose the appropriateness when giving a Valentine’s gift that isn’t traditional… but done right, there’s no better feeling! Here’s our collection of what could be the best – or worst – Valentine’s Day gift ideas for that Significant Other who might prefer something a little less quintessential and a little more Quasimodo.

Kama Sutra cookies

Valentines Day Kama Sutra Cookies

Give oral pleasure in the form of cookies! Your person of interest will love these tasty treats. A girthy 2″ to 3-1/2″ these cookies are just waiting for someone to munch down on them.

Hair of the Dog Whiskey Soap


Just drop-dead sexy, probably the only thing better than whiskey and coffee soap would be an actual whiskey and coffee. Either would be awesome in the shower, with your partner(s) of course!

Fresh Balls


This is one of those gift ideas that straddles the line: will your man think he needs some “help” down there, or will he love it because it makes his manly bits smell good and keeps them dry all day? Whichever direction you think he’ll go, there’s no arguing that a cool, dry crotch makes for a happy partner.

Ring Mug


On the morning of the 14th, get down on one knee and present this mug. No really, do it. Just be sure to wear a cup.

Bacon Bra


Tell the woman in your life that you have one thing on your mind this Valentine’s: bacon and her boobies. Hopefully she’ll think that they’re not in that order, but your secret is safe with us.


So edgy! Be a true non-conformist, or maybe it’s just ’cause you’re alone.

“Romantic” Toilet Paper


Personally we would have gone with “I Love You From Front To Back” but whatever. Tell your loved one that you think they’re the shit with this Valentine’s Day gift. They don’t mention if single or double ply, so head’s up.

Gun Soap


We have to admit that we’re curious about the thought-process that generated this gift item. Conveniently shaped to clean all those hard-to-reach places, Gun Soap is sure to tickle the fancy of your favorite gun nut’s nuts.

Candy Nipple Tassels


These would also work well for men!

Reverend Tre’s Cult Film Revival: Saddentine’s Day

Yeah yeah, Valentine’s Day is for lovers and significant others and all that jazz. What about the rest of us… those of us with unrequited love or a giant black lump of coal for a heart because of a bad breakup? Perhaps your sense of humanity was shredded due to heartbreak. Whatever the reason, between you and me, Valentine’s Day is a day for suckers (not the lusty kind, you dirty-minded hound dog). Love is for the birds, for the weak-kneed, for the starry eyed wishful thinkers. Besides, having your heart ripped out is good for you. It teaches self-sufficiency and makes you okay with being alone. It also teaches us humanity and empathy, once the pain fades… even if just a little bit.

All this romantic pain and suffering got me to thinking: what’s some of the worst, most horrible cinematic examples of heartbreak that’s out there? Scenes that are just waiting to be watched and embraced like ice cold water poured on an exposed tummy. Let’s watch and be moved to tears on this darkest of holidays.

Grave of the Fireflies

From famed animation powerhouse Studio Ghibli, Grave of the Fireflies is a war story involving two young people trying to survive post-WW2 Japan. To say the movie is heart-wrenching is putting it mildly. I cannot watch it again.

Lost in Translation

Simply put, Lost in Translation is about love that could have been. Despite the ridiculous age difference between Johansson and Murray, you do end up with this pit in your stomach because we’ve all been there.

A Love Story

A slow burn, A Love Story is the quintessential sad tale of boy meets girl, love blossoms, girl dies. Oh and this movie is the source for that insipid quote, “love means never having to say you’re sorry”.

My Girl

Watch Macaulay Culkin die from bees. Get your hankies handy, this one is A++ brutal. Not for the faint of heart


Up isn’t best known for its animation style or its story; it’s known for its 4 minute intro that ruined moviegoers. People didn’t have a heads up! They came in to watch a fun Pixar flick and ended up with tears streaming down their faces and snot running from their noses. Just a brutal way to start a film: left hook your audience with an iron fist.

The Notebook

Another slow burn, The Notebook takes us on an emotional rollercoaster culminating with realization that none of us are ever going to know the love that they felt.


Not a movie but a documentary, Mine is almost unwatchable if you love dogs. What keeps you going are the happy scenes when the pets are reunited.

Reverend Tre’s Wet Hot Costume Triple Play

Halloween’s coming up quick and everyone here at FIC is knuckling down on the triple-double-Bavarian Pretzel-daily-double-no-skin-touching-Denver-Omeletes, with absolutely none of the ol’ 1-2, 1-2-3, or the 1-2-3-4. Yup, we’re pretty much nose to the grindstone, hard at work on Found Item Clothing’s new for 2015 Movie Costume Guide!

But since the Guide’s not 100% ready yet, and we’re still putting the polish on some final touches, I wanted to show off one of our more popular costume groups this year, the Wet Hot American Summer collection! If anyone isn’t familiar with Wet Hot, it’s a cult classic film that was pretty much panned on release (as all good cult classics are) but has, over the years, developed into a red hot commodity.

Speaking of Wet Hot, have you seen the 2015 release, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp? I’ve been busy binge-watching the new prequel mini-series on Netflix. I don’t want to mention how old I am, but let’s just say I was able to get in to the original film without any troubles. The new series reprises a lot of the film’s ridiculously campy silliness, and if you liked the movie I think you’re going really enjoy First Day of Camp. The second episode has a coming-of-age skit that made me spit my bourbon out, so there are some solid out-loud laughs to be had. Anyway, let’s take a look at some of the classic Wet Hot costumes we’ve put together.

#1: McKinley

Short shorts are hawt! Get yourself one of our world-famous Clifton track tees, that old Casio calculator watch off eBay, red short shorts (white trim mandatory!), tube socks with red stripes, and navy blue Saucony running shoes.

#2: Gene

If acting the crazy part is more your thing, Gene is the character for you. Start with adding a blue bandanna on your gorgeous dome, add goatee, apply scissors to a blue tee cropping high on the waist, cutting off the sleeves, and accentuating a deep V-neck cut. Top off with blue denim jeans, boots, and a filthy white chef’s apron. Must have accessory: a can of mixed vegetables!

#3: Gary

Remember when we said short shorts were back? We ain’t lying! Closing the circle on our trio of Wet Hot American Summer costumes, we look to Gary. Nailing Gary (the look, gosh!) takes the right hair so if it’s not naturally the proper length try a wig, add the requisite aviator glasses, a Betty Jane Tavern tee, some yellow shortie shorts, white tube socks, and some older running shoes.

Because You Never Know When You Might Need A Good Group Costume…

Halloween draws ever closer, and with it comes the nerve-shredding pressure to win the holiday with a clever costume. That’s the bad news. The good? Your friends here at Found Item Clothing have your back (literally and metaphorically). To wit, the annual refresh of our Halloween Movie Costume Guide, an ever-expanding gallery of head-to-toe tutorials, now totaling some 40 entries, developed around some of the most wacked out movie characters to appear in ’80s flicks.

New for 2013 are 4 group costumes inspired by Breaking Away, Caddyshack, Dazed And Confused, and Wet Hot American Summer. Ideal for groups of 2 to 4 enterprising individuals, they’re simple to put together (using everyday clothing staples), easy on the wallet, and just a bit off the pop culture radar. What’s old is new again, or something to that effect.

Embedded below are some snaps from our photo shoot earlier in the month. Click on the images to link through to the tutorials!

The Cutters from Breaking Away.


The caddies from Caddyshack.


Gene, McKinley and Gary from Wet Hot American Summer.


Got a good idea for a group costume this year? Let us know about it in the comments below!

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Rabbits On The Reel: This Supercut Of Bunnies In Film Is Awww-dorable

Care of our sister site,, we present this adorable supercut of bunnies in film. Included in the mix are some obvious selections — Roger Rabbit, Thumper, Harvey — and an appearance by our favorite actor, Val Fucking Kilmer.

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