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Pixels On Parade: Watch A 21-Minute Supercut Of Video Games In Movies

There are supercuts and then there are supercuts. Highlights here in this sprawling history of video games from the reel world include a gaming-as-addiction montage, a series of digital dance offs, and a three-part tribute to Michael J. Fox!

See a complete list of every film at YouTube. Edited by Travis Greenwood (that’s me!) and Brett Roberts.

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Sean Hartter, 1973-2013

Sad news to report: illustrator Sean Hartter has passed at the age of 39. I never met Sean but we connected online over a shared interest in seen-on-screen ephemera. He was the first contributor to a poster contest that I organized last year and his submission brought immediate credibility to the project. We later collaborated on a Batman and Full Metal Jacket mash-up and I was impressed with Sean’s enthusiasm and patience. His work was colorful and wildly creative and it took a multitude of forms: posters, book covers, image hacks, toys, and strange illustrated sketches that communicated a deep love of film, television, and video games. He leaves behind a wife, Allison, and two sons, Griffin and Gabriel; donations to his estate can be made by clicking here.

Embedded below are samples of his work, but you can see more here.






He will be missed.

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This Design Contest Is Purrrfect

Aside from, say, bacon, is there an Internet meme as evergreen as cats, be them adorable, disapproving, ninja-like or sleepy? No, I didn’t think so, nor did our pals at We Love Fine. They fancy the felines so much they’ve opted to stage a design contest around our furry, four-legged friends, complete with celebrity judges and cold hard cash.

More about those prizes:

Grand Prize: Up to $2,500! We will start the grand prize at $1,000. We will track the number of ratings in the contest; for every 100 new ratings after 100,000 ratings, the dollar value of the grand prize will go up $1. Be sure to tell ALL your friends, family and internet pals to rate every design! With enough rates, the prize could reach a maximum of $2,500 cash!

Guest Judge’s pick (2): Our guest judges Ben Huh and Tardar Sauce the Grumpy Cat will each select their personal favorite design, and those artists will win $400 cash!

Runners-Up (2): Two runners-up will receive a $150 gift certificate for

Honorable Mention (5): Five honorable mentions will receive a $50 gift certificate for

Voting opens December 12 but you can view the submissions received thus far here. Because I’m a sucker for phonetic puns, my early pick is this Cat Burglar entry from Matthew Parsons.

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The Mean Jeans Put On Their Halloween Pants, Do The Monster Mash (Video)

Noted party animals and ’80 enthusiasts, the Mean Jeans, rumble through the pop culture canon with an amazacular ode to Indiana Jones… and Sparks, the alcoholic energy bevy of choice for Portland’s creative underclass.

Shot at Fright Town, a local haunted house, the video comes packed with a gaggle of movie references and juvenile in-jokes, punctuated all by a ghoulish dance party (writer’s note: the girl with bloody eye sockets has cute moves). How many can you spot in the video for their new single, “Possessed 2 Party With U (Ragers of the Lost Sparks)”? Weigh in below…

It should be noted that the clip above was directed by Brett Roberts, whom attentive readers might recall co-edited our supercut of iconic movie sunglasses earlier in the year.

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Aim For The Flattop

New at Shirtoid this week: a clever Ghostbusters tee that spins the film’s signature visuals — the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man, proton packs, Slimer, the cherry red circle slash – through a throwback, Looney Tunes-like filter. Here’s hoping that GB III remains stuck in development hell…

Designed by Biticol.

Preorder it here for $15.

Where did you go Rick Moranis?

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On The Finer Points Of Tee Shirt Fashion: An Interview With Nicole From We Love Fine


To paraphrase the Archers of Loaf, the online t-shirt milieu is overcrowded. Dig through the detritus, though, and you’ll stumble across an occasional gem. Case in point: We Love Fine. The L.A.-based design imprint has emerged as a powerhouse in the last year, marrying slick designs, hot pop culture licenses, a growing social media footprint and impeccable production values, all to awesome, nerd-approved effect.

We heart WLF so much we reached out for a Q & A with Nicole Campos, the brand’s marketing maven (and in the interest of disclosure, this very blog’s original editor (WOOT!)).

It Goes to 11: Could you please introduce yourself for our readers?

Nicole Campos: My name is Nicole Campos, I live in Los Angeles (born and raised) and I work with I’ve worked in media for many years, primarily as a staff member at LA Weekly in various capacities including their editorial web division, online advertising and as a contributing writer. I’ve also contributed articles for OCWeekly, Nerdist and other publications. And basically, I’m just a giant nerd girl. 😉 I love my sci-fi and my superheroes and my space operas. And cats. And tea. And Sriracha.

Our interviewee, rendered here in pixel form.

It Goes to 11: Tell us a bit about what the t-shirt means to you and how you came to be employed in the field? What do you look for in a cool tee.
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