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YouTube ’80s Movie Spotlight

There’s a huge selection of full movies you can watch on YouTube. Check out these three awesome cult flicks you can watch in their entirety for free!

Akira (1988) HD full English dub

Jaw-dropping animation along with an incredible soundtrack, Akira has much to do with bringing the anime culture to the USA. This version is the full audio “good” English dub.

Better Off Dead (1985)

John Cusack and his bitchin’ Camaro!

Real Genius (1985)

One of the most beloved ’80s classics. Written by the same folks who penned Police Academy.

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Cotton Candy From The Reel World: Watch A Supercut Of The Best T-Shirts In Film History

Embedded above: a visual history of the greatest prop t-shirts — and the occasional tank, polo, and sweatshirt — from film! A full list of every tee, film, and year of release is included below after the jump. What’d we miss? Post your thoughts, complaints, and critiques in the comments!

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Because It’s The Internet: A Redditor Transcribed The Questions On The Chalkboard From Doctor Hathaway’s Final Exam In “Real Genius”

Today in needed diversions:

Source: Imgur

Side note: I feel sooooooooooooooooooo inadequate right about now.

Compare with screengrabs from Real Genius:

Source: Imgur via Reddit

Source: Imgur via Reddit

Source: Imgur via Reddit

Source: Imgur via Reddit

And finally, let’s all take a moment and marvel at the amazing tee shirt that Chris Knight (Val Kilmer) sports during the test.

Source: Imgur via Reddit

Huge props to Redditor Roger_ for this labor of love. To quote the source material, it is “readily apparent that he has absorbed this material.”

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Tom Cruise Then Now

80’s Actors: Then and Now

A lot of people find it strange that the 80’s actually happened over three decades ago, which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise seeing that the style is still present, even among the youth. Granted, it’s a retro style, but the 80’s spirit is alive and well nevertheless.

A lot of the 80’s stars are still famous to this very day, others saw their fame fading and fans wondering just where exactly they have gone. So it’s time for a now-and-then gallery, buckle up and take a trip with the 80’s movie stars.

Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer Then Now

Whether you know him as the cute kid from Real Genius, Jim Morrison or Batman, Val Kilmer has surely seen better days as far as his shape goes. But nevertheless, the Iceman from Top Gun is still ranked among the hottest 80’s stars.

Dan Aykroyd

Dan Aykroyd Then Now

The Ghostbusters star and one of the iconic Blues Brothers, Dan Aykroyd, hasn’t changed too much since the 80’s and is still easily recognizable. Apart from a few extra pounds, he’s still that same funny guy.

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Rabbits On The Reel: This Supercut Of Bunnies In Film Is Awww-dorable

Care of our sister site,, we present this adorable supercut of bunnies in film. Included in the mix are some obvious selections — Roger Rabbit, Thumper, Harvey — and an appearance by our favorite actor, Val Fucking Kilmer.

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Watch A Faux Trailer For 1985’s “Real Genius”, Recut In The Style Of M. Night Shyamalan

Don Draper Says What, the creator of last year’s amazing “Baby Got Back” supercut and more recently, this Avengers/Breakfast Club mashup, returns with a new video that filters a cherished nerd classic, 1985’s Real Genius, through the surrealist stylings of Hollywood auteur punching bag, M. Night Shamayalan. What’s notable here is the edit’s focal shift, from the film’s hero-protagonist, Chris Knight (played to perfection by a dreamy, 20-something Val Kilmer exuding both wit and charisma), to his even geekier roommate, Mitch Taylor (Gabe Jarret), a sweet but awkward 15-year-old science prodigy. Their friendship powers the film’s narrative beats, but here it is corrupted into something darker, more foreboding, and shot through with uneasiness, thanks largely to the transformative power of selective editing and more importantly, the trailer’s dissonant score, which lends a degree of suspense, horror, and gravitas absent from the source material. (Also displaced to the periphery in Draper’s treatment are the brainy pranks and comedic sight gags — Knight’s amazing assortment of prop shirts, the film’s climactic, laser-fired volcano of popcorn, the New Wave study hall montage — that made the movie so memorable but this only enhances its effectiveness as a remix.) Brillz!

Cap tip: BuzzFeed

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