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More 80’s Full Length Classics on Youtube


We’re back with another round of full length 80’s movies you can watch free on Youtube! This time we’re including 5 movies, including the comedy/horror House and time-travel titillator The Final Countdown (not the song).

Heathers (1988)

The eponymous film that, when released in ’88, inspired our high school to use the phrase, “Greetings and salutations.” for like ever.

Evil Dead 2 (1987)

The 2nd installment of the Evil Dead series, book-ended by The Evil Dead and Army of Darkness. This is the one where Ash gets his chainsaw hand.

House (1986)

Almost criminally under-rated, this comedy/horror features great practical effects.

The Shaolin Temple (1982)

Appearing for the first time as Jet Li, Li Lianjie shows us how to kick ass and take names in this quintessential Hong Kong-Chinese martial arts thriller.

The Final Countdown (1980)

WWII Japanese are pwned by the time-traveling USN Nimitz aircraft carrier.

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YouTube ’80s Movie Spotlight

There’s a huge selection of full movies you can watch on YouTube. Check out these three awesome cult flicks you can watch in their entirety for free!

Akira (1988) HD full English dub

Jaw-dropping animation along with an incredible soundtrack, Akira has much to do with bringing the anime culture to the USA. This version is the full audio “good” English dub.

Better Off Dead (1985)

John Cusack and his bitchin’ Camaro!

Real Genius (1985)

One of the most beloved ’80s classics. Written by the same folks who penned Police Academy.

Get all your Real Genius tees and accessories here!

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Ferris Bueller’s Official Soundtrack Had 10,950 Days Off

Finally after 30 years, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is getting an official soundtrack. John Hughes never released one, citing fears it would be unpopular. Diehard fans of the film, however, have been assembling their own mixed tape tracklists since the ’80s. Today’s kids will never know that joy: hunching over the radio tape deck, cassette loaded. The Record & Pause buttons already pressed. And then waiting, waiting for that one song to come on. Smart kids would at least call in to the radio station to make a request. The song would still take time, but at least they knew it was coming.

Now, 3 decades later, that gap in your record collection will finally be filled. According to Salon, Paramount and La-La Land Records have struck a deal for an official soundtrack to be released later this year. There’s no word yet on the final list of songs, but there will be interviews in the liner notes from Hughes’s son, James, music supervisor Tarquin Gotch, composer Ira Newborn, and film editor Paul Hirsch.

There are some real musical gems to rediscover. We’ll list our favorites here, and if you grew up in the ’80s there’s probably at least one song below that will make you cry. You can find a complete track listing over on IMDB. Call in sick, put on your favorite Ferris tee, plug in the headphones, and get your music on!

Bad (Big Audio Dynamite)

Beat City (The Flowerpot Men)

Danke Schoen (Wayne Newton)

The Bridge (Cactus World News)

The Edge Of Forever (The Dream Academy)

Children of the Revolution (Violent Femmes)

Love Missile F1-11 extended version (Sigue Sigue Sputnik)

March Of The Swivelheads (The Beat)

Oh Yeah (Yellow)

Radio People (Zapp)

Twist And Shout (The Beatles)

Megaplex: 80 minutes of ’80s Awesomeness from Smash TV

crazy 80 minute supercut
Over one and a half years in the making, Megaplex, a super supercut, is almost beyond description. Jam-packing thousands of snippets from almost 100 movies, paired with an incredibly timed soundtrack, the entertainment factor is completely off the charts.

Coined a double-feature by the creators, Turbo (or Side A, the first half of the supercut) will have you jonesing for those late nights during a sleepover when you and your friends would binge on Jolt cola and watch whatever crazy movies channel 3 had on from 10pm to 6am. Cuts from long-forgotten kung fu, action, anime, fighting movie favorites… they’re all here, in rapid fire succession.

After a brief intermission dubbed Coming Attractions (which covers different vignettes exploring various themes and genres), Beyond (aka Side B) begins. A cacophony of spasm-inducing lights, colors, and sounds, Side B pieces together at a machine gun clip, “choice cuts from a strange time in the horror, sci-fi, and fantasy genres…” Sometimes epileptic seizure inducing, sometimes freaky and/or gory, the imagery flashes by relentlessly while the music seems almost tailor-made.

Reverend Tre’s Cult Film Revival: Saddentine’s Day

Yeah yeah, Valentine’s Day is for lovers and significant others and all that jazz. What about the rest of us… those of us with unrequited love or a giant black lump of coal for a heart because of a bad breakup? Perhaps your sense of humanity was shredded due to heartbreak. Whatever the reason, between you and me, Valentine’s Day is a day for suckers (not the lusty kind, you dirty-minded hound dog). Love is for the birds, for the weak-kneed, for the starry eyed wishful thinkers. Besides, having your heart ripped out is good for you. It teaches self-sufficiency and makes you okay with being alone. It also teaches us humanity and empathy, once the pain fades… even if just a little bit.

All this romantic pain and suffering got me to thinking: what’s some of the worst, most horrible cinematic examples of heartbreak that’s out there? Scenes that are just waiting to be watched and embraced like ice cold water poured on an exposed tummy. Let’s watch and be moved to tears on this darkest of holidays.

Grave of the Fireflies

From famed animation powerhouse Studio Ghibli, Grave of the Fireflies is a war story involving two young people trying to survive post-WW2 Japan. To say the movie is heart-wrenching is putting it mildly. I cannot watch it again.

Lost in Translation

Simply put, Lost in Translation is about love that could have been. Despite the ridiculous age difference between Johansson and Murray, you do end up with this pit in your stomach because we’ve all been there.

A Love Story

A slow burn, A Love Story is the quintessential sad tale of boy meets girl, love blossoms, girl dies. Oh and this movie is the source for that insipid quote, “love means never having to say you’re sorry”.

My Girl

Watch Macaulay Culkin die from bees. Get your hankies handy, this one is A++ brutal. Not for the faint of heart


Up isn’t best known for its animation style or its story; it’s known for its 4 minute intro that ruined moviegoers. People didn’t have a heads up! They came in to watch a fun Pixar flick and ended up with tears streaming down their faces and snot running from their noses. Just a brutal way to start a film: left hook your audience with an iron fist.

The Notebook

Another slow burn, The Notebook takes us on an emotional rollercoaster culminating with realization that none of us are ever going to know the love that they felt.


Not a movie but a documentary, Mine is almost unwatchable if you love dogs. What keeps you going are the happy scenes when the pets are reunited.

Reverend Tre’s Cult Film Revival: Xmas Gifts


With Christmas right around the corner I wanted to take a few minutes and link to some fun gifts for the cult film fan. There’s still time to order a lot of this stuff, and a few of the gifts are from small shops or owner/operators. Maybe if what you see doesn’t immediately strike a chord, then you can riff off the idea and see if there’s something else they have available. Spreading Christmas cheer like Crisco on toast.

Freddy Kruger Door Hangar


Nothing says “Merry Christmas!” like a demonic door hangar. Inspired by a Nightmare on Elm St, you might just attract Satan rather than Santa. That was a weak pun but I’m sticking with it.

Cthulhu Slippers

cthulhu slippers will eat your feet

The Deep One shall devour your feet! And keep them warm during the cold frigid winter. Includes dangling tentacles, claws, red demonic eyes, and a green-on-green colorblock.

Stephen King Lapel Pin


From our friends at Camera Viscera comes this kick-ass pin that any horror fan would love to display.

Pulp Fiction Bad Mofo Wallet


Jules Winnfield’s iconic wallet can be yours. Handmade from genuine leather!

The Thing Blood Test Tree Ornament


One of the creepiest scenes in movie history can now be hanging blissfully off your tree. Act fast if you want this by Christmas.

VHS Is Happiness Tshirt


Everyone knows the best way to watch a movie is on a 4:3 aspect TV playing a barely tracking VHS tape.

Labyrinth Booty Panties


Jareth would buy these for Sarah. Just saying. Also act fast if you want these in time for Christmas.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre: 40th Anniversary Black Maria


Featuring “the only transfer of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre to go back to the original 16mm A/B rolls, the actual film that rolled through the cameras”… and a cardboard Black Maria semi-truck. Hell yeah.

Inigo Montoya Tshirt

Inspired by the timeless Princess Bride, give Inigo this holiday season and let the recipient know they should prepare to die.

Office Space Special Edition DVD w/ Stapler & Flair


Some good used ones are available on Amazon. Includes a red stapler (you just read that in his voice, didn’t you) and flair!

They Live “Obey” Tshirt

“Don’t be their cattle, be a collaborator in this They Live: Obey t-shirt!”

Complete Leprechaun “Pot of Gore” Collection”


Includes all six movies!

Troll 2 Goblin/Nilbog Tshirt


Arguably the most obvious name ever, Nilbog is sure to delight your Troll fan.

Ganderlumps Post Card Set


These make great stocking stuffers!

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