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Trick Or Tees: Outtakes From The Reel World

Overflow images – mostly of the funny and reasonably embarrassing variety – for our annual Halloween project are embedded below.

Big Hair, Big Attitude

Crossing streams

That's no moon...

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Why Waltz When You Can Rock & Roll: travis [at]

Scare Tactics: An Interview With Benjamin Scrivens From Fright Rags

With a few (admittedly softcore) exceptions from the ’80s (see: The Monster Squad, The Lost Boys), horror films are not particularly well represented within the FIC catalog. But fear not, t-shirt enthusiasts: Rochester’s finest, Fright Rags, has you covered (pun intended, boo-yah) and is here to help. Online since 2003, they’ve been carving out (again, slasher pun totally intended) a niche as the web’s premiere destination for horror-themed t-shirts and prints.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

We recently spoke with Benjamin Scrivens, the site’s founder, about the genre’s appeal, the creative process, and scary tee shirts; the transcript of said exchange is embedded below.

IG211: If you would be so kind, can you introduce yourself for our readers?


Name: Ben Scrivens
Age : 34
Location : Rochester, NY
Occupation : President of Fright-Rags, Inc

The late Corey Haim (left) and our subject (right).

IG211: Tell us about your relationship to horror movies. When did this love affair start?

BS: It started back in 1981 at the ripe old age of 4. I was attending a Halloween party with my parents and after stuffing my face with all the loot I scored during trick-or-treating, I was bored. However, my parents weren’t ready to leave, so my mom told me to go sit and watch tv. Like a good little boy, I did exactly what was told of me.

Unbeknownst to her (and myself), the television premiere of John Carpenter’s Halloween was just about to begin. Moments after I grabbed a spot on the carpet about 4 feet away from the tv, the screen went black, and then appeared a harmless looking pumpkin and the music started. I was forever changed from that moment on.

IG211: How did the vision for Fright Rags come about and when did you launch the site? Continue reading

None More Black: Help Make 11/11/11 Nigel Tufnel Day

The newest Facebook meme hits close to home here at It Goes to 11 and Found Item Clothing. Behold, Declare 11/11/11 Nigel Tufnel Day:

The group launched over the weekend and has a little under 5,000 members to date…

To play the part, you’ll need Nigel’s signature tee:

Note that you’ll need to remove the sleeves if you want to stay true to the source material.

More insight on Nigel’s wardrobe can be found here.

Rock Block:

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Why Waltz When You Can Rock & Roll:

Like Totally Tubular: An Interview with Alli Denning from Like Totally 80’s

Nostalgia, as we like to say here at It Goes to 11, is a powerful intoxicant, a phenomenon only heightened by the endless and indulgent depths of the Internet; what was cool then… gets only cooler with age (or is it irony?). Along these lines then, we present an interview with Alli Denning, founder and editor of Like Totally 80’s, one of the web’s premiere destinations for all things 80’s (and one of our favorite reads). Between pop culture bits, where-are-they-now updates, fashion retrospectives, and party planning how-to’s, you’ll find it easy to revisit the era of big hair, neon, spandex and MTV with but a simple click of the mouse.

It Goes to 11: Can you tell us about yourself (name, age, location, etc.) and your various online endeavors?

Alli Denning: When I am not championing the 80’s and trying to bring back slang such as “tubular” and “fer sure,” I am a web designer and SEO consultant; I’ve had my own web shop for a little over 11 years now. I am 38 years old (holy crap, how did that happen?), so I spent my formative years squarely in the middle of the 80’s wrestling with important questions like: To peg or not to peg my jeans? and Is Andrew McCarthy or Rick Springfield cuter (editor’s note: AM FTW!)? I think I might still be stuck there, in fact. Other online endeavors include a 90s site, The 90’s are due for a comeback (editor’s note: agreed!), and we’re ready for it when it happens (as will, I suppose, the dude featured below…).

It Goes to 11: What was the impetus behind Like Totally 80’s and how long have you been at it?

Alli Denning: Aside from being an 80’s nut? Some friends had a 10th anniversary 80’s prom party. In planning out my costumes (yes, I had a costume change mid party – needed an après prom getup, don’t ya know!) I realized all over again how fun the 80’s were—the blue eye-shadow, the music, the slang. So, I decided to put my web skills to use and started the site. I’ve been online 4 years now. (Editor’s note: LT80’s has a column dedicated specifically to party planning; it’s chock full of helpful tips and suggestions.)
Continue reading

Wolf Like Me: Anatomy of a T-Shirt Trend (Update)

Hey kids. Today, I want to trace a popular t-shirt trend from conception to parody.

Here is the original 3 Wolf Moon shirt, which for a time, was inexplicably the best selling garment on Amazon’s site. The tee went viral, thanks in large part to customer comments that ascribed it great powers of seduction.

Naturally, its unexpected, runaway success spawned a number of spoofs, most notably this design from Threadless, which incorporates yet one internet meme of note, the keyboard cat phenomenon.

And the pièce de résistance, the Three Teen Wolf Moon shirt, which riffs, quite predictably, on one of my beloved pop culture icons. (Karl Marx’s oft-quoted line about history repeating itself, the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce, seems particularly apropos here…)


A little Google sleuthing has revealed a fairly new homage to the 3 Wolf motif that incorporates (a) a mystical unicorn (is there any other kind?) and (b) E.T. on his bike juxtaposed against the silhouette of the moon. And on and on and on it goes…


Our friends over at Thunderfrogs are reporting that the original 3 Wolf Moon design is already poised for a comeback of sorts; it will make (or perhaps has already made?) a belated appearance on NBC’s wildly popular sit-com-cum-rom-com, The Office (screengrab attached below).

For my money, this is still the only (Teen) Wolf shirt worth wearing:

I’m sure there are other variants on the three wolf motif; readers, any suggestions?

The appropriate, lupus-themed soundtrack:

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Link Roundup!

From the Found Item news desk, here are the stories we are tracking for Wednesday, September 9th:

There’s a religious tempest brewing in Florida over these offensive shirts, which read “Islam is of the Devil.” (Subtext: children are stupid and easily brainwashed.)

More proof that the punishment should fit the crime (literally): a judge the fashion police in Ohio is requiring convicted petty criminals to wear the tee embedded below as a condition of their sentence. (Pssst: click on the pic for more on this story.)

The muckrakers over at Dealbreaker have this scandalous report about a managing partner at Goldman Sachs throwing TOPLESS pool parties deep into the night at his compound in the Hamptons. Oh, the humanity…

Horrific news from India: two friends killed a classmate in a drunken rage — burning him no less — when the later refused to let them borrow a t-shirt. Despite my best efforts, I have been unable to track down an image of said tee, so we can only speculate as to its providence. Not to make light of such a sad situation, but here’s one of our designs that would seem to ring particularly apropos in this instance:

I’ve never been a fan of Ed Hardy products — a tad too douche-y for my taste — so I was pleasantly surprised to read this column that traces the brand’s waning cool factor. The poster child for said waning, disgraced reality dad Jon Gosselin, is posted below:

Andy over at Hide Your Arms, an estimable and popular tee blog, has kind words for our Spanish Godzilla shirt.

Finally, we have this really entertaining gallery from Slate, which explores the burgeoning market for bootlegged, “urbanized” tees that riff on a wide cross-section of pop culture properties. Mildly reminiscent of the proliferation of unlicensed Michael Jackson tees in the wake of his passing, the existence of said shirts speaks to our desire to customize things as we see fit, even if we don’t technically own them.

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