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Cotton Candy From The Reel World: Watch A Supercut Of The Best T-Shirts In Film History

Embedded above: a visual history of the greatest prop t-shirts — and the occasional tank, polo, and sweatshirt — from film! A full list of every tee, film, and year of release is included below after the jump. What’d we miss? Post your thoughts, complaints, and critiques in the comments!

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Meanwhile, In The Kitchen Of Your Local Whataburger…

Source: Geeks Are Sexy

An AT-AT Walker composed of ketchup packets and assembled by a geek in the kitchen with too much time on his (or her) hands? Hells to the yes. That old canard about “not playing with your food” seems particularly hollow right about now.

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WATCH: “Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas”, As Recapped In 60 Seconds With Black And White Illustrations

Source: YouTube | Via: The Awesomer

Hunter S. Thompson’s magnum opus gets the speedrun treatment in this new clip from 1A4Studios. It even includes the hitchhiker, portrayed in the feature-length film of the same name by Tobey Maguire! I’ve always coveted the t-shirt he wears in the movie, a grotesque parody of Mickey Mouse that was originally sketched by longtime Thompson collaborator, Ralph Steadman.


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WANT: New Print Celebrates The Glory That Is An ’80s Coin-Op Arcade, Is The Best Thing In The History Of Ever

Illustrated with aplomb by the design nerds at DKNG Studios, this beautiful graphic, entitled “Arcade“, pays homage to 5 classic video games — Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Asteroids, Galaga, and Dig Dug — with color and verve. Prints are available for $60 at IAm8Bit.

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FTW: 15 Classic Superheroes Rendered In 8-Bit


We love 8-bit art here at It Goes To 11, so it’s no surprise that we geeked over this gallery of pixelated superheroes by Turkish illustrator Ercan Akkaya. If only this game was real. And playable. Sigh…

Embedded below are a handful of closeups that afford a more detailed look.

Everybody’s favorite webslinger, Spider-Man!

The X-Men’s Cyclops.

Genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist – Tony Stark, everyone!

All images sourced via Behance.

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