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#Selfie #WhyAmIHearingSirens? #Arrested

Narcissism can strike even the most cunning and dastardly people. What happened to the youth of today? Have they not seen Heat or Dog Day Afternoon?

Here at Found Item Clothing we aspire to the maxim: “Take only diamonds, leave only footprints, and sell to a trusted fence for unmarked non-sequential $100 bills.”

All of these selfies got the subjects arrested.  In a way, each of these selfies has a happy ending. Enjoy: Continue reading

Biggest T-Shirt Fails Ever (20 Pictures)

As you all know, printed t-shirts can be awesome. They can contain clever funny lines, cool images or objects that mean something to its wearer. However, they can turn out as utter fails as well, especially if you set the right timing and circumstances.

To let you know what exactly are we taking about, we’re bringing you a gallery of 20 worst t-shirt fails of all time. Check it out below.

T-Shirt Fail Grandma

The douchiest grandson of all time?

T-Shirt Fail Anorexia

He didn’t beat it, he obliterated it

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What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been: This Supercut Of Drugs In Movies Is Exhausting

The hits keep coming — pun totally intendo, BOOYAH! — in this new video mixtape from YouTuber Robert Jones. Structured loosely around the emotional life cycle of illicit drug use (the excitement… the confidence spike… the crash!), the edit takes a detailed, nay exhausting, look at the consumptive habits of our favorite on-screen anti-heroes, highlights including the Milk Bar from A Clockwork Orange, Tony Montana’s mountain of nose candy in Scarface, and the goofball stoners from Half-Baked.

Did they miss your favorite clip? Let us know in the comments below!

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You Are Free To Use Any Methods Necessary…

…but I want them alive. No disin-tee-grations disintegrations!

8 Bit Rogue's Gallery

More pixelation:


$25 via Mighty Fine.

Cap tip: Shirtoid.

From the source material:

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Trash Talk (Redux + 1): The 100 Greatest Movie Threats Of All Time

Harry Hanrahan, editor of Pajiba, is back with his newest supercut, The 100 Greatest Movie Threats Of All Time. As with his earlier assemblages, this one is comprehensive, expertly edited and totally NSFW.

Watch it below:


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The Strains Of Being Pure At Art

Brooklyn’s sweater pop practitioners, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart have returned with a great new album, Belong, that showcases a bigger, more self-assured and lusher sound than its somewhat lo-fi, self-titled predecessor. In support of this new recording, the quartet recently shot a video for its first single, “Heart in Your Heartbreak,” which is embedded below:

The clip’s rather comedic treatment finds the band working at a local guitar shop, each member filling, à la Empire State, some sort of music store archetype: the exuberant ponytail, the friendly nerd, the aging, potbellied hipster, the disaffected Goth (editor’s note: is there any other kind?), et al. As with almost everything the Pains have turned out to date, the video is sweet, funny and imbued with a sense of heart… and whimsy.

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