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Stephen King Rules The Airwaves At MTV…

Sean Collins — music journo, comic book professional, and t-shirt curator — weighs in on the newest episode of Game Of Thrones for the Music Television network AND he does so in our Stephen King Rules t-shirt (video embedded below).


We previously interviewed Mr. Collins in 2010. Read it here.

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Jeremy Henrickson: The Interview

There are mash-ups and then there are mash-ups. Take the one pictured here, which cleverly yokes Link and Luke (of Zelda and Star Wars fame, respectively) around a phonetic pun.

Communication Breakdown

(Image source: Shirtoid)

We loved its playful quality so much that we reached out to the artist that developed the concept, Jeremy Henrickson. Our questions, and his answers, can be read below…

IG211: If you could be so kind, please introduce yourself (and any websites you operate/manage/contribute to etc. etc. etc.)?

JPH: My name is Jeremy Henrickson and I am a fine artist and illustrator from a suburb of Vancouver. My website with my fine art is But to check out more of my tshirt designs one can visit [Redbubble].

IG211: I really love the Force Palm design. Talk a little bit about how you developed the concept behind it. Likewise, what’s the response been thus far?

JPH: I’m a big fan of pop culture and mashup t-shirt design; depending on the reference, cleverness and execution of course. I’ve wanted to do a Zelda shirt for a while but was waiting ’til I had an idea that I could really get behind. I liked how punny this concept was. That is what ultimately lead me to go with it. The response has been ok for that shirt in terms of numbers – but those who have liked it have liked it a lot so I’m happy.

IG211: Talk a little bit about artistic technique. Do you draw by hand or do you use an illustrating program? I see what I think are examples of each approach in your Redbubble store and I’m just wondering if there are benefits (or drawbacks) to each that lend themselves to particular designs?
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Two Purrrfect Cat Shirts

Fancy the felines? You are in luck, as we have two awesome, meow-able cat-themed tees to share.

1. The first comes from graphic designer Dan Meth and it is both funny AND true.

You had me at meow.

Via: Laughing Squid

2. Equally adorable is this new print from Threadless.

Attack cat gets to the point.

Cap Cat tip: Shirtoid

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Great Scott! Design A Tee, Win Glory & Cash

Love Scott Pilgrim? Keep him close to your heart via an awesome design contest our friends at We Love Fine are hosting.

8-Bit Guitar Hero

Prizes include cash (up to $2500!), gift cards to their e-shop, and a small (or not so small) measure of Internet Notoriety!

See the official deets here or click on the image box above.

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You Are Free To Use Any Methods Necessary…

…but I want them alive. No disin-tee-grations disintegrations!

8 Bit Rogue's Gallery

More pixelation:


$25 via Mighty Fine.

Cap tip: Shirtoid.

From the source material:

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Well, That’s No Ordinary Rabbit…

Spotted at Shirtoid this week: an awesome, glow-in-the-dark, Monty Python-inspired Bunny design!

''Look at the bones!''

Buy it at Shirt Woot!


On a related note.

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Two For Tuesday: A New Pixel & Ernie Had Two

Star Wars tees are a dime are dozen, but the design below, treated with the ever popular pixel effect, repurposes some very iconic imagery with a dash of lo-fi charm.

8-Bit Hero Worship

$25, from our friends at We Love Fine.

Also new from WLF is this parody of the album art from Sonic Youth’s 1990 alt. rock classic, Goo, which reimagines Bert and Ernie as Downtown hipsters. For what it’s worth, we should note that the source material was itself something of a send-up and/or critique of the famed Pop Art movement. Somewhere, Raymond Pettibon Roy Lichtenstein is smiling…

Whirlwind, Heat, & Flash

Also $25, via.

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