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Movies That Shrink: A Retrospective


With Ant-Man opening July 17th at a theater near you, Marvel completes its 2015 movie release schedule. We won’t see another Marvel film hit the big screen until Captain America: Civil War drops on May 6th 2016. That’s a long time to wait, and in order to survive that long let’s entertain ourselves with other cinematic examples of shrinkage, and not the kind you get from cold water. No one wants to see that.


Tim Burton’s fantastic fantasy comedy-horror has Geena Davis, Alec Baldwin, and of course Michael Keaton shrinking down to an inch or two several times throughout the movie. While not necessarily integral to the plot, these shrinking scenes added to the immersion and fun-factor, toning down what was initially a much darker, cruel script. Who can forget the shrunken head guy!?

Fun fact: Beetlejuice only has 17.5 minutes of screentime during the 92-minute runtime.

Honey I Shrunk the Kids

Originally titled Teeny Weenies, Honey I Shrunk the Kids was a surprise hit and became the highest grossing live action Disney film ever, an honor the film held for five years. Utilizing mostly practical effect, this movie was widely praised for the innovative special effects and the engrossing story. Rick Moranis’ wife would pass from cancer 6 years after Honey I Shrunk, leading to his departure from acting, something he would never fully return to.


Academy Award-winning scifi-comedy Innerspace takes us on a fantastic voyage. Dennis Quaid gets shrinkydinked to microscopic size and is injected into Martin Short, who plays a hypochondriac. What happens next is comedy gold as Short’s character comes to grips with the new voice in his head. A real classic!

Alice in Wonderland

In one of the most influential literary works, Alice experiences frequent changes in size, shrinking and growing, frequently throughout the story. She’s rarely “just right” for the circumstances. Some folks say that it’s in reference to her growing up and maturing, and that the process is often unpredictable. Feeling discomfort at never being the right size works so well because it’s something we can all relate to as we transition from youth to adulthood.

Fantastic Voyage

The quintessential resizing film! Winner of two Academy Awards and three nominations, and darker than most realize (involving assassination, sabotage, and brain damage), Fantastic Voyage is one rollercoaster of a ride. Even today the film holds a 92% approval rating according to Rotten Tomatoes, the popular review aggregation website. Isaac Asimov even penned a novel based on the screenplay!

FTW: 15 Classic Superheroes Rendered In 8-Bit


We love 8-bit art here at It Goes To 11, so it’s no surprise that we geeked over this gallery of pixelated superheroes by Turkish illustrator Ercan Akkaya. If only this game was real. And playable. Sigh…

Embedded below are a handful of closeups that afford a more detailed look.

Everybody’s favorite webslinger, Spider-Man!

The X-Men’s Cyclops.

Genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist – Tony Stark, everyone!

All images sourced via Behance.

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The Newest Trailer For The “Man Of Steel” Is Absolutely Bananas

My name is General Zod.

If the early trailers for Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel traded more on classic Superman visuals — the midwestern farmhouse, the red cape flickering in the wind, our hero gracefully looping the planet — and less on actual plot points, then this newest trailer, likely the last before the film opens on June 14th, trends in the opposite direction, shattering the peace with an ominous ultimatum from the film’s heavy, General Zod (Michael Shannon). Leavened with teasing flashes of Kryptonian tech, superhuman brawling, and heat vision, it reveals a grittier, more physical take on the franchise, with villains and challenges to match (thank you, Christopher Nolan). Of note here are the scale (HUGE) and the speed (FAST), both of which look unprecedented for a Superman film.

[YouTube via Nerd Reactor]

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6 Superheroes Refreshed Using Facebook’s “Like” Button

Illustrator Jaime Calderón has redesigned popular superheroes using Facebook’s ubiquitous “Like” button. Embedded below are 6 such designs, split equally between characters from D.C. and Marvel. For 6 more examples from the same series, click here.

Follow me to the Batcave.


The Man Of Steel likes your status update.


Now you see me, now you don’t.

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Sean Hartter, 1973-2013

Sad news to report: illustrator Sean Hartter has passed at the age of 39. I never met Sean but we connected online over a shared interest in seen-on-screen ephemera. He was the first contributor to a poster contest that I organized last year and his submission brought immediate credibility to the project. We later collaborated on a Batman and Full Metal Jacket mash-up and I was impressed with Sean’s enthusiasm and patience. His work was colorful and wildly creative and it took a multitude of forms: posters, book covers, image hacks, toys, and strange illustrated sketches that communicated a deep love of film, television, and video games. He leaves behind a wife, Allison, and two sons, Griffin and Gabriel; donations to his estate can be made by clicking here.

Embedded below are samples of his work, but you can see more here.






He will be missed.

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I Would Play The Shit Out Of This Nintendo Avengers Game

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, The Avengers, reimagined here with a classic Nintendo twist. The thought of Tony Stark’s Iron Man mind melding with Samus Aran is mind blowing. Come on, Internet, let’s make this happen…


Artist unknown but we thank them regardless. Via: Dorkly

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