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Nigel Tufnel Lives Where?

The. Best. License. Plate. Evah.

''Look, right across the board, eleven, eleven, eleven and...''

Cap tip: Mick J. in ‘Sota.

A loving homage:

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Heroic T-Shirt Assemblage

We Love Fine has a new range of tees to celebrate the release of The Avengers and embedded below are three of our favorites.

The first, the aptly-titled Assemble, blends form and function to excellent effect. It, not surprisingly, took top place in a design contest staged prior to the film’s release and sponsored jointly by Marvel and WLF. Clever effing overload!

Coming Full Circle

Image via: Shirtoid.

The second, meanwhile, elegantly repurposes the iconic artwork from issue one of The Infinity Gauntlet, which was released at the apex of my comic book readership (and fluency). The film concluded with a major teaser that promises an even grander sequel wrapped around the events and villains of said series. Ah, the power of nostalgia.

I Love The Power Glove. It's So Bad...

Image via: Shirtoid

Fancy the felines? Then our last tee is for you.


Image source: Shirtoid

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Nerd Dynamite: Go Back To the Future With The 2011 Nike Mag

Great Scott! Nike presents sneaker tech from the reel world (as in you know, film)… only now, very much real. And available for the next 24 hours via (what will likely be an expen$ive) auction.

DeLorean not included.

More pictures here.


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Slash & Burn: Machete’s New Trailer is Redic

OMFG! Must see this faux-trailer turned feature-length film! Complete with handlebar-mounted gatling gun, no less!

A short list of the elements we like thus far (eye-candy FTW!):

1. Jessica Alba in her underwear.

2. Handle-bar mounted gatling gun.

3. The return of Don Johnson.

4. Tequila, poured from a glass bottle shaped like a handgun.

5. The C.I.A.-F.B.I.-D.E.A backstory. WTF?

6. Danny Trejo, as the namesake, dropping the machete on an unfortunate sniper.

7. Low riders with rocket launchers.

8. Cheech Martin, a reformed priest with the silhouette of a cross on his check. And one shotgun for each hand.

9. The inclusion of Jeff Fahey, a.k.a. Frank Lapidus of Lost-fame.

10. Befitting of its title, the abundance of knives, points and assorted throwing weapons.

Projected street date: September 3, 2010!

A topical tee:

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The first cut is the deepest:

Heavy Metal: 10 Iron Man Tees

Maybe you’ve heard: the second Iron Man movie opened last week to considerable fanfare, even as the critical response and word of mouth was lukewarm.

Bits we liked included the acting (most notably, Robert Downey Jr.’s performance as the titular character), the seamless CGI, and the teaser clip for the forthcoming Thor film (don’t tell me you left before the credits finished…).

Conversely, there were also elements we found lacking (in some cases, sorely): the cookie-cutter plot progression (too convenient, too predictable… too easy), the transfer of corporate governance (extraneous and boring) and Mickey O’Rourke’s role as Ivan Vanko, a.k.a. Whiplash, Iron Man’s primary foil. O’Rourke imbues his character with a degree of dread and malevolence (a much needed counterpoint to the film’s steady diet of cool eye-candy) but his Soviet pedigree was unconvincing as was the suggestion that he could reproduce the advanced bio-metric weapons technology on demand in his poorly-lit basement.

All in all, while enjoyable as a mindless popcorn flick, Iron Man 2 struggled to keep pace with the refreshing inventiveness of its predecessor, which, admittedly, had the benefit of fewer and much lower expectations (such is the way of these things).

In any case, as you might imagine, the marketplace is currently flooded with topical swag. I’m not particularly enamored enarmored (pun intended — groan…) with the merch produced specifically to promote the new sequel, but there are a number of excellent all-purpose Iron Man designs available on the web. Below we’ve compiled a list — by no means complete or exhaustive — of what we think are the Top 10 16. Let me add that they are arranged randomly and in no particular order… Lastly, click on the pics to link through.

10. No list of superhero-themed tees would be complete without the requisite costume print. Here we have the officially-licensed version, which is closer in appearance to the comic than the film:

Featuring the arc reactor, this cruder variant is more in line with the suit seen on screen:

9. Clever wordplay, both funny and true.

8. More punning wordplay…

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Attack of the Groans: Peep Out This 70-Minute Review of The Second Star Wars Prequel

Star Wars, of course, is the meme that keeps on giving.

Not that everyone is completely infatuated mind you… take this comedian guy, for instance, who has carved out a niche on the web with exxxxxxxxxxxtended critiques of various pop culture sacred cows.

Over the course of an epic, hour-plus assessment, he carefully and completely dismembers said film in a dry monotone (for effect, one supposes). Everything — from the nonsensical plot progression and wooden acting to the digitized special effects and the “dense” production values — is fair game and skewered in a LOL manner.

Below, I’ve embedded part 1 (of 78 8), which at ten-minutes, is representative of the review as a whole. Though its length may seem like a time-suck deterrent, I’d urge you to dig deeper as some of his funnier observations and spot-on witticisms are backloaded.

Click here to link through to parts 2-8.

Lastly, I present a topical tee for the fan boys:

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I Love Empire So Much, I Fuck It: