Bon Appetit: Fashion Gives Me a Stomach Ache

Author’s note: this piece originally ran over at Failshirt, home of the world’s worst tees.

Another week, another controversial tee shirt from UO. To wit:

I’m not entirely convinced that this is a genuine Fail Shirt of the most egregious order, but the confluence of anorexia, the hot-button aesthetics of body image and the burgeoning media brouhaha push it over the top (and into our column). One wonders how this design would have been received if the model wasn’t so… waif-ish? Or underaged? Or, most importantly, female? (Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point and its passages on the Power of Context seem particularly apropos right about now.)

More opinion from a self-righteous, self-inflated arbiter of good (and bad) taste (pun most certainly fucking intended):


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