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Teen Lust, Knife Thrusts, and Doobie Puffs: 80’s Summer Camp Movie Guide

Nothing brings back more fond memories than Summer Camp! Tug-of-war, sneaking over to the girl’s camp after dark, and – of course – running for your life while being hunted down by a homicidal maniac.

Ah, yes! Those were the days. When short-shorts, mullets and denim ruled. For many of us it was hard to let go, and we know that pain.  That’s why we took the time to create the ultimate 80’s Summer Camp Movie Guide.   Enjoy your last weeks of summer with these camp classics, and choose your level of sex, drugs and murder!



Back to the Future Day

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.33.48 AM

Way back in 1985, Doc Brown and Marty McFly captured our hearts and minds. In Back to the Future II, we watched them time travel into the future, to October 21, 2015. We may not have flying cars and widely distributed hover boards, and thankfully we don’t dress the way we were predicted to, but the nationally dubbed “Back to the Future Day” 10/21/15 is upon us and here are a few ways you can celebrate in style.

Watch the Trilogy

Amazon Prime will be streaming all three Back to the Future movies during the month of October. Wear your white lab coat or a futuristic jacket, order a pizza from Pizza Hut, and have a movie marathon.

Cheer on the Cubs


In Back to the Future II, the Chicago Cubs win the World Series. It’s been awhile, and the odds of them coming this far have been stacked against them. But it’s almost as if they knew, and the Chicago Cubs are in the running for the World Series. At 8pm on Wednesday, October 21, the Cubs will face the Mets in a battle to decide who goes all the way. They’re even playing at Wrigley Field. The stars have all aligned and regardless of what team you usually root for, celebrate Back to the Future Day by rooting for the underdogs of Baseball!

Go Back in Time

On Back to the Future Day, Netflix will begin streaming the documentary “Back in Time“, a look at how large of a cultural impact these movies have had. Featuring interviews with the cast and crew, you can be a super fan and learn everything you’ve always wanted to know about the trilogy.

Sport some Merch


While you’re energetically participating in Back to the Future Day activities, make sure you’re dressed to impress with any one of our Back to the Future t-shirts!


It’s been a long time coming, but we finally made it to October 21, 2015. Happy Back to the Future Day!

Best Movies to Watch in the Park

movies-in-the-parkIt’s summertime, which means warm nights, summer romance, and of course movies in the park. What qualifies a movie for prime park viewing? There are no hard and fast rules, but certain movies have an appeal that can be broadly appreciated in an outdoor setting. Loud audience participation makes some movies better suited for outdoor viewing. Movies that take place outside or during the summer months are also contenders. We’ve gathered a handful of very popular “Movies in the Park” films that you shouldn’t miss.

The Sandlotthe-sandlot

Baseball, summer vacation, childhood, romance, and s’mores. What’s not to love? The Sandlot is an iconic film and is almost better seen while laying in the grass. Whether you slide into home base or just recline in your lawn chair, this movie is one that should be on your regular summer rotation.

The Sound of Music


This film makes our list due to the built-in audience participation. During the sing-along scene set in the enchanting Austrian Alps, most viewers take it upon themselves to sing Do-Re-Mi along with Maria and the Von Trapps. If you’re a little hesitant or embarrassed by your pipes, fear not.  No one will be able to hear you over their own off-key renditions.

The Karate Kid


A cult classic, The Karate Kid is just more fun to watch outside. Surrounded by like-minded wannabe karate kids, you’ll have room to practice your crane kick. Watching the Karate Kid in the park every summer has become a tradition across the country for those who once saw it on the big screen. Grab a t-shirt, and a mentor and head to a park near you! And if someone blocks your view, just sweep the leg, Johnny.


labyrinthLabyrinth is a fun-for-the-whole-family type of movie.  We chose it for our list because it also has a flair of audience participation. During the Bog of eternal stench, fans will often pull out their whoopee cushions. Since you’re outside, you dont have to lower your voice as you scream every time the Goblin King’s balls come on screen. The movie is full of opportunities to use props and yell obscurities at the screen. It’s HOGGLE.

The Princess Bridethe-princess-bride-original

A pure cinematic legend, The Princess Bride is simply magical and unquestionably suited for watching in a park. Full of fantasy, sword fights, giants and pirates, this movie is also king of quotes. No one will begrudge you as you yell “Inconceivable!”, or as you introduce yourself as Inigo Montoya. Just be sure to wear one of our shirts to the showing!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show rocky-horrorWe’ve chosen this classic as a part of our park viewing collection for a few reasons. The songs, the dancing, the liveliness….and the toast! I’m sure we’ve all seen a live-action or midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show…fans get involved. Doing the Time Warp if easier to do in a park than a movie theater, and throwing dry toast outside just means more food for the birds.

The Big Lebowskithe-dude

Possibly one of the most famous cult classics of all time, this made the list simply because there is nothing greater than relaxing and reclining on a warm night, surrounded by The Dude and his friends. Extra points if you wear our Kaoru Betto shirt!


Awesome New Ant-Man Shirts

Ant-Man is crawling into theaters on July 17! The tale of Scott Lang, a con-man turned superhero with the help of a special suit, is the latest installment in the Marvel franchise. We can’t find a reliable source for the ant suits, but we’ve got the next best thing in these Ant-Man t-shirts!

Ant-Man Blueprint T-Shirt

This awesome Ant-Man Blueprint Shirt features a blueprint-style sketch of the Ant-Man suit. If you’re a fan of Dr. Hank Pym and his work, you’re going to want to be seen in this fantastic tee.

Ant-Man Swarm T-Shirt

Have you ever wanted to ride an ant? It might not be physically possible, but you can still dream with our Ant-Man Swarm T-Shirt. With a great retro comic book-style design, this shirt will keep you cool and comfy whether you’re surrounded by ants or by humans.

Dissolving Ant-Man T-Shirt

One of our more artistic designs, this Dissolving Ant-Man T-Shirt features a design of ants flying to depict Ant-Man’s helmet. This shirt is a creative and unique way to show your affinity for Ant-Man!

Classic Ant-Man T-Shirt

This retro-style Classic Ant-Man T-Shirt features a comic book Ant-Man design that celebrates one of the original members of the Avengers. Marvel fans, this shirt is for you!

Favorite Father Roundup!

With Father’s Day rapidly approaching, it seems only fitting to pay homage to some of film’s greatest dads. What makes a great dad? The example they set for their children, or the way they express their love? No matter how you answer that question, these Dads have proven themselves as top notch father material.

10. Vito Corleone (The Godfather: 1972)


Coming in at the number 10 spot is Don Corleone. To this man, family is everything. He might have an odd way of honoring his sons, but he cherishes them. He wanted more than a life of blood and bullets for his favorite son, Michael, hoping he’d go into politics. Don Corleone might be a mafia mastermind, but he knows a thing or two about family.

Why we like him: “A man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.”

9. Jack Walsh (Pretty in Pink: 1986)/Noah Levenstein (American Pie: 1999)

jack-walsh noah-levenstein

Tying for the number 9 spot we have Jack Walsh and Noah Levenstein. In our book, these dads play similar roles, only one has a son, the other, a daughter. Both dads selflessly help their teens through their embarrassing angst.

Why we like them: Not every parent would take their kid to the ER without question…

8. Marlin the Clownfish (Finding Nemo: 2003)


Swimming in at number 8, Marlin the clownfish! This Dad goes to great lengths (hundreds of miles, really) to get his son back. He battles some of his greatest fears, turns enemies into friends, and learns what it means to live a little.

Why we like him: He goes against insurmountable odds to save his son

7. Mac Maguff (Juno: 2007)


In the face of teenage pregnancy, J.K. Simmons not only holds it together but does so with humor. He supports his daughter, and even has the compassion to ensure her that someday, she’ll be back in the delivery room when it’s the right time.

Why we like him: Encouraging his pregnant teenage daughter to find the right person who thinks the sun shines out her ass isn’t something every dad would do.

6. Bob Ivanovich (My Life: 1993)


The number 6 spot goes to Bob Ivanovich. Playing parent to a video camera, Michael Keaton earns a spot on our list for being proactive. This heart wrenching story should be a lesson to all dads-to-be. In the face of a terminal illness, Keaton films himself teaching his unborn son everyday life lessons.

Why we like him: He does his best with the time he has.

5. Ted Kramer (Kramer vs Kramer: 1979)


Workaholic-turned-full time dad Ted Kramer shows us what true love is. After being thrust into single parenthood, Kramer forms an unbreakable bond with his son. Making it into the top 5, Ted Kramer becomes a role model dad.

Why we like him: He overcomes his selfish tendencies to turn into a custody-fighting super dad

4. Chris Gardner (The Pursuit of Happyness: 2006)


Chris Garnder knows what it really means to be a good person. While having very little material wealth, this patriarch is swimming in moral integrity. He wants nothing but success and happiness for his son and does what he can to provide it.

Why we like him:  “Hey. Don’t ever let somebody tell you… You can’t do something. Not even me. All right?…If you want somethin’, go get it. Period.”

3. Jason “Furious” Styles (Boyz in the Hood: 1991)


Owning the number 3 spot on our list is Furious Styles. In a sea of violent and drug-addicted men, Jason “Furious” Styles stands out as a role model. Knowing what it takes to be a man, he teaches his son the value of honesty and a work ethic.

Why we like him: “Any fool with a dick can make a baby, but only a real man can raise his children.”

2. Atticus Finch (To Kill a Mockingbird: 1963)


A beacon of civility and equality, Atticus Finch is not just a stellar dad, but an honorable person. If being a single dad wasn’t hard enough, Finch managed to raise his kids with decency and honesty in the Deep South in the 30’s. Integrity and morality are just a few reasons he’s on our list. Teaching his kids that everyone is created equal in a town that went against his beliefs proves Atticus is a real man.

Why we like him: “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view, until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.”

1. Guido Orefice (Life is Beautiful: 1997)


In the midst of one of histories greatest atrocities, Guido Orefice manages to protect his son and convince him that the concentration camp they’re in is just a complicated game. Making up rules and guidelines his son must follow in order to “win” (or-stay alive), Guido plays the role of a lifetime. Shielding his son from the horrors of their reality in order to keep him alive earns him our number one spot.

Why we like him: He turned a concentration camp into a game to protect his son’s innocence. Obviously father-of-the-year material.

Honorable Mention: Mufasa (The Lion King: 1994)


Preparing young Simba to rule the Pride Lands is no easy  feat. Especially when you have a vindictive brother trying to strip you of your crown. Mufasa captures the respect of every creature under his reign, and exudes masculinity and strength. He handles both fatherhood and his royal duties with passion, dignity, and grace. We couldn’t imagine a list without him, so he gets our Honorable Mention!

Why we like him:  “I’m only brave when I have to be. Simba, being brave doesn’t mean you go looking for trouble.”

Well there you have it! Our Top Ten Fathers in Film! The competition was stiff, but these Dads stuck out in a way that earned them their spot. Now go and tell your Pops how much he means to you!


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14 Awesome T-Shirts For Mother’s Day

This Sunday is Mother’s Day: a time to tell your mom how much you love and appreciate her. Others might shower their moms with traditional gifts such as flowers, candy, and breakfast in bed, but those of you looking to go beyond the cliche will appreciate these mom-themed t-shirts.

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