10+ Pieces Of Fanmade Weezer Swag Spotted On The Weezer Cruise

There are Weezer fans and then there are Weezer fans. Take the 10 12 15+ enthusiastic individuals pictured below, all of whom were spotted on The Weezer Cruise, which returned last week from 5 amazing days at sea aboard the magnificent Carnival Destiny. As you’ll see, said fans came prepared with all manner of homemade or modded Weezer merch, each item a loving testament to their favorite RAWK band.

As with all of our lists, this one is presented in no particular order. Unless otherwise noted, all photos were snapped by the author.

1. Weezer Adidas tracksuit, custom embroidered for the occasion.

''Walk through concert doors...''

On the back.

''...and roam all over coliseum floors.''

2. The same enterprising individual was also said to smuggle a giant flag — emblazoned with the band’s signature visual, the so-called Flying W — onto our floating vessel. Let’s just say that we’re not naming any names…

''And the rocker's (sic) red glare, the bombs bursting in air/Gave proof thro' the night that our flag was still there...''

Image source: Weezer’s Official FB Feed

Look for the flag at the :05 mark! Simply amazing…

Let the ink sink:

Know Your Meme

3. For the record, there was more than one flag spied on the boat. Here we have the Union Jack, as adorned with a home-scrawled Flying W.

''I am not the flag: not at all. I am but its shadow.'' - Franklin Knight Lane

Captain Cuomo, performing “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn)” in said flag!

Don't thread on me.

4. This couple repurposed a familiar catchphrase to adorable effect.

No One Else

5. That said, they had a bit of competition in the custom t-shirt category as the duo below developed a mock logo of sorts, channeling the band’s beloved second LP, Pinkerton, through a property of-cum-fictional high school treatment. Bonus points for the ringers, which lend the design a retro-cool quality.

''This is beginning to hurt...''

Front detail:

''This is beginning to get serious.''

6. Weezer’s music has always had a larger-than-life, superhero quality.

''Let it all hang out...''

Image source: FB

7. Ping pong balls as an icebreaker? Genius!

Turn Me Round

8. Hold this thread as I walk away.

''Hey, do you know about the party after the show?''

Readers might recall that the sweater on the right has appeared in this space before (see: 9 Iconic Sweaters Drawn From Pop Culture).

The sweater on the left was a crazy pastiche of found fabric, each color correlating to a different Weezer album (and its cover art).

My Name Is Jordan

Image Source: Weezer’s Official FB Feed

From the side:

The entire catalog, on your arm.

Asked how much time he had invested in the project, the wearer would only say: “A lot!”

9. Sweater Night, an event on the official schedule, turned up, as you might imagine, a number of dusty gems and raw nuggets.

A. Snapped in a drunken haze on the Casino dance floor.

''Um... did you hear about the party?''

B. The author, second from the right, pictured with fellow Cruisers! Of interest here is the second sweater from the left, which was modded to feature a Weezer scarf.


So much Stiles that it's wasting...


Bear with me

Image source: FB

C. Weezer sweaters: now with illumination!

Faith In The Light

Image source: FB

On a similar note:


D. The W, coated in pastels. Not a true sweater in the proper sense, but the ribbing had sweater-like qualities.

Only in Seams

E. Custom knit (left)!

Rainbow Connection

10. In keeping with entry number one, we also stumbled across these custom Adidas kicks.

Walk This Way

11. Mustache night!

Dope Nose

12. Last but very much not least, we present the following group shot:

Time Flies

Image source: FB

These thoughtful hombres had the foresight to bring replicas of the soccer jersey that Rivers Cuomo wore waaaaaaaaaaay back in 1994 for the quartet’s first video and breakout single (“Undone (The Sweater Song)”). Tweaked slightly to commemorate the Cruise, they were presented to each band member as a gift.

Rivers himself would graciously don the jersey for a faithful rendition of the same track during the band’s Sail Away performance on the Lido deck.

The original clip, complete with shaggy haircut:

Here’s a bit of backstory that details how the shirt came to Rivers in the first place (cap tip: Paco!):

UPDATE: a few additional entries have filtered in!

13. Custom made Weezer action figures, complete with life preserver!


Anchor text.


Anchors away.

14. No surface is too small for a Flying W.

Sorry fellas, she's taken.

15. One last sweater (for now).

Insert clever caption here.

16. Team tees prepped for the shuffleboard tourney.

''Everyday, I'm shufflin''...

Got an image to contribute? Feel like venting? Comment below!

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6 Responses to 10+ Pieces Of Fanmade Weezer Swag Spotted On The Weezer Cruise

  1. Sandra says:

    half of this stuff is you know who’s. :P

  2. Michael Bic says:

    Hey! I took that picture http://i.imgur.com/PjKaP.jpg of the little bitches! Yes!

  3. Erica says:

    ack! where can i get the action figures?? i would love to get some for my group that was on the cruise…

  4. derp says:

    D’awww, someone needed attention, huh, mutantmanifesto?

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